holy cow

Will Moses Put in an Appearance at This Monday’s Prop 8 Rally?

Break out the wedding dresses and tuxedos, because there’s another wedding rally coming up! This one’s Monday, June 13, when a judge will hear arguments about whether a Prop 8 ruling by a gay judge ought to be thrown out.

Plenty of ink’s been spilled already on the arguments, so we’ll leave those aside for now in favor of another question: will you be out protesting on Monday morning? It’s likely to be a relatively low-key event, as hearings go, so we wonder how big the crowd will actually be.

Inevitably, these things attract “The Usual Suspects.” Billy Bradford will be there with his huge American and rainbow flags; the adorable John Lewis and Stewart Gaffney are both quoted in a press release about the event. And we would be shocked if there are not at least a few of the Russian-speaking anti-gays in attendance.

Last time there was a hearing, one of the anti-gay protestors dressed up as Moses, complete with beard and commandments, to stand next to a “one man/one wife” sign. Wait a minute, wasn’t Moses a polygamist?

Anyway, if you’ve got something to say about Prop 8, show up bright and early — 7:30 am, ugh — at the Philip Burton Federal Building 450 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco.