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Will New Year’s Eve In Times Square Become Showcase For Homosexual Marriage?

A contest is afoot to have one lucky couple wed before millions of television viewers who just want to see the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. GetMarried.com, “a national multi-media wedding planning and lifestyle resource” with a brilliant play for free publicity, will let Internet trolls vote on which couple should win, as well as what the tuxedos/dresses and wedding cake should look like. But the press release announcing the contest says nothing about limited the prize to heterosexual couples, something the Today show learned can be a publicity (and ethical?) nightmare. So while you can register to win here, we couldn’t locate the contest’s official rules, so who knows if the lucky couple must be legally able to get married in New York State. (We’ve reached out to GetMarried.com to check. Update: Yep, gay couples are eligible.)