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Will New York Even Listen to Gov. Paterson’s Demand to Vote on Marriage?


New York’s Gov. David Paterson has referred to same-sex marriage legislation as “unfinished business from earlier this year.” Which is why he’s moved it the top of the agenda for a special legislative session that could begin next week. Paterson has been here before, demanding lawmakers get their act together and pass gay marriage, particularly because Democrats — which narrowly control things in Albany — promised they’d do just that if they were given a majority of seats. Which happened. So what’s different this time around?

Well for one, the bill’s lead sponsor Sen. Thomas Duane says he’s got the (bipartisan) votes to get the thing passed and on to Paterson’s desk. Unfortunately, Duane isn’t naming names, so we have no idea which Republicans have given him the nod. Even the Empire State Pride Agenda, headed by exec director Alan Van Capelle, doesn’t seem to know.

So for now, it appears we’re in “fingers crossed” mode. We’re loving the endless support from Paterson. But just because he makes demands doesn’t make things so.