Will Perez Hilton’s New Children’s Book And Website Make You Forgive His Cruel Past?

Infamous outer of celebrities and drawer of penises on celebrity faces Perez Hilton promised to stop doing both of those things when people criticized him for being a bully amid the rash of LGBT teen bullycides last year.

In his push to be more positive since then, Perez has started the health site FitPerez.com, published a children’s book entitled The Boy With Pink Hair, and will soon open Perezitos.com, a site which will focus on celebrity families and kids and “offer parents advice from… a wide variety of ‘mommy experts’…”


Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira) says:

“I’m definitely mindful of respecting celebrities and their children and I’ve definitely, in the past when I was working on the main site, made mistakes in covering celebrities and their children I don’t want to contribute to the paparazzi doing things they shouldn’t be but if they’re getting photos in public and no laws are being broken, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. People love looking at those photos of Halle Berry and her adorable little daughter.”

But Jezebel isn’t letting Lavandeira off the hook so easily, as they remember his past wrongs against youngsters, women, and transgender people:

[Lavandeira] catapulted to fame by calling then-15-year-old Miley Cyrus a whore and a slut

The same year, when Miley was 15, Perez also said Rachel Zoe’s face was “tighter than Hannah Montana’s anus.”

When Rumer [Willis] was 19 or 20, Lavandeira nicknamed her “Potatohead” and urged her to consult with a cosmetic surgeon:

Rumer Willis… isn’t there surgery where you can shave down your jaw???
We’re sure some trannys have gotten it done to make themselves look more “feminine.”
Plastic surgery is not always a bad thing.
Rumer should look into it!
And, while she’s there, she might wanna get her nose done too!

He also mocked Samantha Ronson, who is gay, for not being pretty or feminine:

What An Ugly Bitch! And we don’t mean the dog! Everybody’s favorite fug bitch, saMAN Ronson walked her infinitely cuter pooch, Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Critics will undoubtedly see Lavandeira’s recent “kid-friendly” moves as a marketing and PR strategy calculated to give him legitimacy and influential sway as he ages. But at what point can Hilton actually shed his old snake’s skin and truly emerge a more gracious creature? Is one year of contrition and “positive work” enough or does he need to delete all his old posts which helped bring him fame at the expense of others?

Or can he ever change? After all, even some gays are giving Ken Mehlman a break now that he helped pass marriage equality in New York. Will anyone give Lavandeira the same chance or has he offended too many straight and gay people alike to ever gain redemption?

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  • Tyler

    Who are we to cast any stones? We’ve all been judgmental, crude, horrible and said disgusting things at one time or another. Im not saying it’s right, but negativity toward evident positive change does absolutely no good. When we value hard work and effort toward bringing more good things into the world, we reinforce the bettering of society.

  • Jack E. Jett

    Maybe what we are seeing is simply the evolution of a man. We all change as we get older.Even Queerty. The fact that we are discussing him is evidence of his success. People have been bashing celebs forever. One thing I really admire about Hilton is his ability to take as well as give.

  • ashton cruz

    And just like that, I puked all over my desk.

  • mike128

    And the answer is: NO.

  • Bryan

    Just wondering, I don’t read pop culture blogs much, but having visited some, I want to ask the people who are familiar with them- Besides the outing of celebs, how is DListed different from Perez Hilton? From what I have both bully(or used to bully) celebs, the only difference I’ve seen is that Perez was much more raw with his insults. I ask this because DListed seems to be reverred among readers, but Perez Hilton panned when they’re basically the same people.

  • Mav

    I can’t stand Perez Hilton, and I did NOT feel bad when Will I. Am punched him in the face. If Hilton called me a faggot, I’d deck him too.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Tyler: I never have!

  • mbm

    Miley put herself out there for acting slutty.

    as for Demi Moore’s daughters and her threatening to blacklist Perez over her whorish daughters and threatening her lesbian hatchet woman Liz Rosenberg on him, talk about unprofessional.

    I’m not going to even talk about the Kardashians and their pimp of a mother.

    now Perez is kissing the asses of the celebs he personally hates (i.e. Ashton and Demi, Lohan, Miley, John Travolta and his “wife”, Ke$ha, Jennifer Lopez, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Diddy, the Black Eyed Peas, the Kardashians, Aniston, etc.) Wendy Williams is doing the same thing too on her talk show, brownnosing the people she dissed and outed on her radio show.

  • Blech

    That Troley Poley is disgusting. I’m not sure that can reform. It needs to go away. Maybe after a long hiatus it can emerge from its coccoon a new man. Maybe. I don’t pay attention to celebrities (when they start paying MY bills, I’ll give a shit). And I’m not a drama obsessed gossip whore. So if someone as out of touch as ME can know who he is and smell his stink all the way over in Ignorance Grove, you KNOW it has to be bad.

  • Sabat

    I don’t want to forgive his cruel past. I want it back!

    The kind Perez is so boring.

  • jj

    @Bryan: dlisted is mean to everyone. He doesnt suck up to celebs and then give them a free pass on his blog. Thats what pisses people off about perez. He never disses gaga and starts shit between her and anyone whos releasing an album at the same time as gaga. Plus mk of dlisted is actually funny.


    blah blah blah

  • JoeyB

    He is a pig.

  • velocifero

    His whole empire is a fraud. I’m in the PR business and most stuff on his site is just paid placements from other PR firms or stuff he recycles from TMZ. You’ll notice he gets almost zero real direct quotes or photos from any A-List celebrities. That’s because Mario was being investigated by the FBI for posting semi-nude photos of underage celebrities and boy band members on his celebrity XXX site. Also, his DUI doesn’t help and his past record for shoplifting too. Serious agents and PR companies think he is a joke and Mario knows that. Mark my words, the man will one day end up in jail as a pedophile. This whole book thing is a disgusting attempt to rebrand himself. His main desire is to produce reality television and to become a host on X Factor or some other similar show. If he didn’t have ad revenue coming in from Z-list PR firms, and a few celebrities like Gaga and his “paid appearances” as a club host, Mario would be nothing. His core audience of club kids have all aged and grown up. In a few years, he’ll be a has been like Rex Reed, Walter Winchell or Liz Smith.

  • howdy

    if any gay man should kill himself it’s that thing called perez.

    single-handedly promoting all the bad stereotypes about gays in the public eye.


  • mbm


    the whole Miley panties thing was a publicity stunt for her new album (she was wearing some panties).

    again Vanessa Hudgens put her slutty behavior out there with her nude photos and hasn’t admitted to it only sending out her attack dog publicists from her Disney days (thank god she’s left the mouse house and improved her acting! Sucker Punch is going to be a cult classic a la Showgirls).

    Celebs need to get a thicker skin, period. and need to stop relying on their pr people to fix everything like Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

  • Cam

    Oh please, the ONLY reason we have Neil Patrick Harris to point to as an example of an out successful gay actor is because Hilton outed him. Same with Lance Bass, although the benefits of that one are still up in the air.

    So the community can take the benefits of what that turd does but then pretend that he’s just a bad guy.

    All his site does now is reprint press releases that stars publicists fax to him. It was more fun when he called the closet cases out and gave the hypocrites more B.S.

  • Jack E. Jett

    @velocifero: Your post is a contradiction. Beyond that, calling someone a pedophile and hiding behind a fake name is more vile than anything PH has done. Plus, how many “PR” folks over the years have gone out of their way to kiss the asses of Winchell, Smith and Reed?

  • Bryan

    @jj: So? I can’t believe I’m even gonna defend Perez here, but being mean is still being mean. Being mean to everyone or being mean to a select few, what’s the difference? It’s still bullying. So, bullying with humor is somehow much better? Like I said, I don’t see the difference between both, they both come across as nasty, snarky human beings. Because one of them picks and chooses who to be mean to while the other one is mean to everyone and uses humor shouldn’t mean squat.

    I mean how is saying “that might be the nastiest thing to ever come out of Beyonce’s mouth since Jay-Z’s cum”(from Michael K) different from any of the insulting crap Perez has posted on his blog?

  • JayKay

    To be fair, Miley Cyrus is a slut and Rumer Willis does look like she had a Mr. Potatohead transplanted onto her shoulders.

  • SBC19

    No. Perez created an empire and made millions from being an asshole…now that he’s got his name, fame and his money, suddenly he wants to turn over a new leaf. GTFOH. He’s a phony. Underneath all of his pretend new-found sensitivity and light, he’s still an a self-absorbed opportunist — and I don’t believed he’s changed at all. He just realizes that his shtick got old and needed to reorganize himself in a desperate bid to stay relevant.

  • mbm

    three heartless things Perez did before he went nice:
    -when Britney Spears had her nervous breakdown, he posted a video of Judy Garland’s ’67 interview w/ Baba Wawa from the Today Show.
    -after Heath Ledger’s death he posted on Twitter “why does he have to die and Britney live?”
    -and right after Michael Jackson was hauled off into an ambulance, and just when the death announcements were being posted [right before he passed away], he called it a publicity stunt and got into a twitter war with Pete Wentz [possibly the only guy I know who was in a band creatd by MTV besides Fred Durst]

    oh well, Perez will always have his bitch goddesses Gaga and Katy….

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