Will Perez Hilton’s New Children’s Book And Website Make You Forgive His Cruel Past?

Infamous outer of celebrities and drawer of penises on celebrity faces Perez Hilton promised to stop doing both of those things when people criticized him for being a bully amid the rash of LGBT teen bullycides last year.

In his push to be more positive since then, Perez has started the health site FitPerez.com, published a children’s book entitled The Boy With Pink Hair, and will soon open Perezitos.com, a site which will focus on celebrity families and kids and “offer parents advice from… a wide variety of ‘mommy experts’…”


Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira) says:

“I’m definitely mindful of respecting celebrities and their children and I’ve definitely, in the past when I was working on the main site, made mistakes in covering celebrities and their children I don’t want to contribute to the paparazzi doing things they shouldn’t be but if they’re getting photos in public and no laws are being broken, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. People love looking at those photos of Halle Berry and her adorable little daughter.”

But Jezebel isn’t letting Lavandeira off the hook so easily, as they remember his past wrongs against youngsters, women, and transgender people:

[Lavandeira] catapulted to fame by calling then-15-year-old Miley Cyrus a whore and a slut

The same year, when Miley was 15, Perez also said Rachel Zoe’s face was “tighter than Hannah Montana’s anus.”

When Rumer [Willis] was 19 or 20, Lavandeira nicknamed her “Potatohead” and urged her to consult with a cosmetic surgeon:

Rumer Willis… isn’t there surgery where you can shave down your jaw???
We’re sure some trannys have gotten it done to make themselves look more “feminine.”
Plastic surgery is not always a bad thing.
Rumer should look into it!
And, while she’s there, she might wanna get her nose done too!

He also mocked Samantha Ronson, who is gay, for not being pretty or feminine:

What An Ugly Bitch! And we don’t mean the dog! Everybody’s favorite fug bitch, saMAN Ronson walked her infinitely cuter pooch, Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Critics will undoubtedly see Lavandeira’s recent “kid-friendly” moves as a marketing and PR strategy calculated to give him legitimacy and influential sway as he ages. But at what point can Hilton actually shed his old snake’s skin and truly emerge a more gracious creature? Is one year of contrition and “positive work” enough or does he need to delete all his old posts which helped bring him fame at the expense of others?

Or can he ever change? After all, even some gays are giving Ken Mehlman a break now that he helped pass marriage equality in New York. Will anyone give Lavandeira the same chance or has he offended too many straight and gay people alike to ever gain redemption?

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