Will Pro-Gay GOP Gary Johnson Take Down NOM’s Disciples At The Next Debate?

The first time New Mexico governor Gary Johnson participated in a 2012 Republican Presidential primary debate, no one asked him about marriage equality, which he supports. But now that his low poll numbers have risen just enough to get him into FOX’s upcoming debate, we’re hoping he lays into Bachmann, Santorum, Romney, and Perry for signing the National Organization for Marriage’s marriage pledge—something Johnson has said “the vast majority of Americans who want no part of.”

Johnson went on to insinuate that if a NOM signer gets the GOP nomination, the elephants will be toast in 2012. Mmmm…. toast.

Meanwhile, openly gay GOP Presidential candidate Fred Karger waits mouldering in the wings, hungry for a chance to possibly say a word on real live television one day.

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  • cminca

    He won’t get asked any questions by the Fox questioners. Or if he is–they will be limited to subjects far away from NOM and gay issues.

  • Steve

    Clearly, the questions that Faux “News” will ask, are cleverly selected to further the far-right political agenda. There won’t be any questions that actually resemble either “fair” or “balanced”.

  • oldgayvermonter

    As a Johnson supporter I have little hope that he will get any chance to express himself. He is too quiet and sensible for the “debate” circus atmosphere. Last time he was in a debate they threw him a gotcha question…”What kind of a reality show would you be on?”.
    He actually did well by working his mountain climbing exploits into the answer (he has climbed Everest and a number of other extreme places). Next month you can meet him as he bikes 458 miles all around New Hampshire.

  • Queer Supremacist

    This guy may be heterosexual (and one of the small minority of good ones), but other than Fred Karger he’s the only one in the GOP debate I’d piss on if they were on fire, never mind vote for. In a just world, the two of them would be running mates. And since I refuse to vote for Obama based on his two-faced cognitive dissonance regarding gay issues as well as, well, everything else he believes in, it’ll be down to writing in one of those two.

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