Will Prosecutors Finally Nail Keith Phoenix With a Hate Crime Murder Conviction?

Brooklyn prosecutors are once again trying to convict Keith Phoenix (pictured, left) of beating Jose Sucuzhanay to death, after believing he and his brother were gay lovers, after last month’s mistrial where one juror refused to deliberate.

Phoenix, who was arrested after a three-month manhunt, and whose trial arrives after Hakim Scott (pictured, right) was convicted of manslaughter last month, got to watch his videotaped confession for the jury, where he says, “So I killed somebody. Does that make me a bad person?” and explains, “First I hit him here [pointing to his chest], and he fell. The guy was trying to get back up and I hit him four times and when he tried to get back up I hit him two times up here [pointing to head].”

Prosecutors are again trying to attach a hate crime charge of Phoenix’s conviction.