Will Queen Latifah Come Out On Her Talk Show Before Anderson Cooper Comes Out On His?

In the fall of 2013 Queen Latifah will strive once more for talk show diva-dom. Her show will be produced in part by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (raised eyebrow).

Latifah originally hosted The Queen Latifah Show as a daytime talk show in 1999, but it only ran for two seasons because of low ratings despite her black musical guests and focus on urban social issues.

We’ve been waiting for Anderson Cooper to finally come out on his talk show… will Latifah beat him to the punch by coming out on hers first? Place your bets, lesbians and gentlegays!

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  • Jose

    She will ever come out because she knows that blacks are so homophobic.

  • Greenluv1322

    Every black person I know, knows Queen is a lesbian. And despite what you think they still like her fat ass. So it’s really just her. But I don’t think either of them will ever come out, because it doesn’t hurt either one of them financially to be in the closet.

  • adam

    Unlike Anderson, Queen Latifah actually has lied (a number of times) about her sexuality.

    Her now ex but then current girlfriend also lied to the press about only being QL’s trainer and about her own sexuality even though they’d been caught by paparazzi making out on a boat.

    So I would say no, don’t place any bets on QL coming out before anyone who is only glass closeted.

  • Fitz

    Her insistence on her right to live in a closet disgusts me.

  • VictorG


  • christopher di spirito

    Gloria Vanderbilt’s closet-case son, Anderson Cooper, when asked about his personal life weasels out commenting with “I’ve decided to keep my private life private.”

    In fact, if you’re a reporter and you’re granted an all-too-rare interview with the gay-fave, you are required by CNN to sign a Pre-Interview Agreement which stipulates no personal questions are to be directed at Anderson.

    It’s so bizarre because everyone I know who lives in Lower Manhattan say they see Anderson with his hunky boyfriend all the time.

    Maybe Dana Elaine Owens will follow the path of Ellen and Rachel and finally be honest about who she is and not pretend to be a het.

  • Rawrzellers

    It’s a well known fact in the industry that she’s a lesbian. There’s no way she can be in the closet when everyone knows that she is gay.

  • CBRad

    Who cares whether Anderson Cooper comes out anyway? Somehow there seems to be this fascination with whether he will or won’t or…like it’d be a major epiphany for the world or something. I mean, I can’t think of anybody more dull. Even IF he’s descended from some fascinating characters.

  • Chaz

    She, like any entertainer or journalist does not need to to make a public statement however obvious her orientation is. Her right to privacy is her right, it’s none of our business. I prefer entertainers keep their train wreck lives private and most turn into train wrecks at some point. Never understood a star selling his or her ‘story’ or your kids pictures to People, etc., whether straight or gay, so tacky.

  • ewe

    I don’ understand the big deal about coming out to strangers. who gives a fuck. What’s all this bullshit about telling the whole world you are gay? First of all, most people don’t give a shit and i certainly don’t unless i know you and secondly some people do consider their sexual orientation, sexuality, and self image a private matter. I walk down the street and purposely do not talk to every freagin Tom Dick and Harry because i don’t want to know them all. I have just recently begun to tell people that overstep into boundaries i do not want crossed that they are getting way to personal with me. It really works to keep ignorant people from bothering you. Particularly silly stupid nosy strangers attempting to get their kicks and rocks off at your expense. I just say “you’re getting way too personal with me.” I am pleasantly surprised how well that shuts people up and how quickly too. I should have said that years ago when asked that all too familiar question… “Can i ask you a personal question?” Oh gee willakers. Puke. I wonder what the question is gonna be!!! No you fucking can’t and if you do then i can say hey you’re getting way to personal with me because it’s my fucking choice to discuss myself not yours. Just like it’s this Latifah womans choice if she wants that. I could care less if she is lesbian. Means absolutely nothing to me. Does nothing for me and effects me even less. I don’t know her and therefore i don’t really care.

  • Cam

    @ewe: said…

    “I don’ understand the big deal about coming out to strangers. who gives a fuck. What’s all this bullshit about telling the whole world you are gay?”

    If it isn’t a big deal then why bother lying?

    As for Queen Latifa, I’ve always liked her, and she seemed like she was stepping out of the closet with the movie “Set it Off” but then hopped back in.

    Hopefully she will come out soon, if not for the community, then for her own piece of mind and mental health.

  • ewe

    @Cam: why do you consider that lying? If she was an antigay homophobe then that would be a different story. Then she is effecting me.

  • TanyaHyde

    @Cam: “:”If it isn’t a big deal then why bother lying?”

    “Hopefully she will come out soon, if not for the community, then for her own piece of mind and mental health”

    Since when did living one’s life as one sees fit lying? She seems to be content where she is. She has a girl and has not exactly hid her from public view.

    You really go too far and make unsubstantiated assumptions about her mental health. What could you possible know about it?

    If you can do it, so can I.

    I think her mental health is probably far better off than those of us who insist that we have the right to live not only our lives, but the lives of others as well.

    Leave her alone. Go out and do something meaningful with your own life and leave her alone.

  • HeIsStillMyFavorite

    What pisses me off is how he says “I don’t talk about my personal life”. Fuck off, Anderson Cooper. You talked about PTSD and your brother’s suicide; your husband isn’t half as personal as either of those events.

  • Cam

    @ewe: said..

    “@Cam: why do you consider that lying? If she was an antigay homophobe then that would be a different story. Then she is effecting me.”

    Lets not pretend we don’t know what we’re talking about here. Lying about such a small subject as who you are is the worst kind of lie. It’s denying yourself.

  • Interesting

    @Cam: Yes, the press assumes a star is straight in its coverage. The lie simply requires silence. If someone assumed that I am a doctor, and I do not correct them, its a lie on my part to remain silent once I am aware of assumption. Its the basis of fraud.

    And, then there is the excuses for the lying. “They want their privacy.” So, why do stars tells us other intimate details of their private lives, including the two in question? How do any of the arguments made to protect the closet not apply? Is someone who never admits to his or family that he’s dating a man lying when he omits the gender? How can that not be seen as deceptive?

  • Interesting

    @TanyaHyde: So, if your family asks you how you who are dating? And you respond, “I am dating a great person.” You don’t consider that being in the closet or deceptive?

  • timncguy

    It’s my understanding that Queen L has been asked directly if she is a lesbian and she has lied by saying that she is not. Not lies of omission or not indirect lies by refusing to answer. But, actually lying and denying that she is a lesbian.

  • WillBFair

    It isn’t about coming out for the communuity, or you the activists shallow judgements of people’s mental health. It’s about business. Coming out in some businesses can hurt your career. That’s especially true in show business. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand.

  • Interesting

    This definition of lying is like my college friend’s definition of “sex.” BJ isn’t sex. Only vaginal intercourse is “sex.” Its not her fault her boyfriend didn’t know to ask the right question. Hell, one is not “in the closet anymore.” One just has not been asked the right question yet. Only when the question is directly asked is it magically transformed into deceptive behavior. Everything before that is kosher. I can only imagine what relationships are like between some of you and your friends. You must be holy terrors when it comes to the legalistic way in which you split hairs.

  • Interesting

    @WillBFair: Not one post here has debated what you describe so you are just making shit up. “The pissing on the leg and calling i sunshine” part is where each time one of these articles is published, there’s this chorus of “its private” (Although both stars talk about their private lives outside of gender of who they are dating) or “its not a lie” (in which we get subjected legalistic rants about how a lie isn’t really a lie unless you directly are asked a question on a third sunday when the moon is in lunar eclipse and you hop around all day one leg).

  • Fitz

    Well, I am sure that young black lesbians have a dearth of
    successful public figures that they can identify with, right?

    As long as she can sleep at night, I guess all is well.

  • Not Very "Interesting"

    I’m always amazed at the time some invest, or better yet, waste, endlessly debating and criticizing how others should live their lives. Time better spent volunteering with gay youth, the sick, charities, etc. I can only imagine the righteous indignation and protest from the usual queerty whiners on this topic if a government body forced us all to come out at a certain time or age. To each his own.

  • Interesting

    @Not Very “Interesting”: < Aside from creepy stalker quality of using my screen name, I got wonder how value your time is to whine about the use of my time since it is my time.

  • queertypie

    I think Anderson already came out when he giggled uncontrollably during the Gerard Depardieu peeing on a plane story. Or was it the two New Years Eve telecasts with Kathy Griffin? My point is; it’s soooooo obvious; need he say more?

  • CBRad

    @queertypie: Well, I’d like to think there are some silly heterosexuals who would giggle uncontrollably, and that that’s not specific to gays.

  • queertypie

    @CBRad: you’re correct, it’s not specific to being Gay, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, ergo, it’s a duck. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • afrolito

    What exactly was the point of bringing up her last shows “low ratings”, despite it’s focus on urban issues, and black musical guests? Typical queerty race baiting snark.

  • Tackle

    Thats Daniel Villarreal for you.

  • RT

    Anderson Cooper should not come out(publicly). Everybody who’s in his life already know he’s gay. He knows he’s gay. So, it’s not like the rest of the world has to be broadcast about his not-so-secret coming out. Everybody will just go, meh, I knew that.


    He has a journalistic integrity to look after. He’s doing a super job at reporting LGBT issues to mainstream media. He did a fantastic job at reporting all the bully victim suicide cases. If he comes out as homosexual, then pundits will go after Anderson for not being able to stay unbiased on public issues(just like what happened with Judge Walker from Prop 8). Of course, Anderson being gay clearly is not affecting his journalistic integrity. But people will bark up that tree to get the nuts to fall off.




    @Jose: That is a racist statement.

  • Cam

    @RT: said…

    “He has a journalistic integrity to look after. He’s doing a super job at reporting LGBT issues to mainstream media. He did a fantastic job at reporting all the bully victim suicide cases. If he comes out as homosexual, then pundits will go after Anderson for not being able to stay unbiased on public issues”

    Gee, he’s white so he also shouldn’t be able to report on issues effecting Whites. He had a brother commit suicide, guess he can’t report on that either. He was born rich, I guess he can’t report on any Occupy Wall Street Stories. (Eye Roll)

    The number of excuses that his fans come up with to explain away his cowardice just gets funny after a while.

    By your logic no black reporter should be able to report a story on race relations or bias.

  • JoeyB

    These two cowards should date each other and provide cover for one another.

  • ewe

    @Cam: No let’s not really pretend that we don’t know what we are talking about here. You want well known gay people to advertise their sexual orientation. That’s fine but it’s also not your place or your call.

  • ewe

    @Interesting: You are talking about personal matters in ones private life. You are responding to Cam who is insisting that this woman come out of the closet to the world with a statement about herself similar to a press conference and that is completely different than telling your friends and family you are a lesbian woman. I don’t know the general age of all the commenters here but Latifah is no spring chicken. I thought i never would say this but sexual orientation later in life is not as big of a deal as it once may have been if one has always been self accepting and is comfortable with themselves. I speak from my own personal experience which was about gay ghetto immersion in my younger years. It just is not the same later on. It’s not the same focus anymore. I am sure it has a lot to do with less hormones and not being cruised the way i once was in my 20s and 30s and even 40s. Nobody has to say they are gay to a bunch of strangers just because someone else wants them too. Have some manners. It’s not your call.

  • ewe

    @timncguy: If she is making outright denials of being lesbian when she is in fact homosexual then i feel sorry for her. She must be in a lot of pain.

  • Spike

    She has a talk show? Who knew. Can’t we move on at this point and everyone just agree that certain people in the public eye are gay and just let them be. I mean how awkward was it when Ricky Martin ‘came out.’ It’s the str8t press that eats this stuff up.

  • Interesting

    @ewe: They have no problem discussing personal matters. Just not the gender of who they date. If you need to rely on a lie to make your argument “true” that means you don’t have much of an argument.

  • DavyJones

    @Interesting: Could you link me to some of these intimate details of Anderson Cooper’s personal life that he’s shared? To my understanding he doesn’t talk about any of his personal business in the media, because he doesn’t feel he should have to…

    The only thing I vaguely remember is him once doing an interview where he talked about his apartment, but by and large he keeps his focus on his work; as he should have every right to.

  • RT


    No, I didn’t say he couldn’t report that because his homosexuality will destroy his journalistic integrity. I am saying other people will. Remember Judge Walker??? Anyone?? They tried to get his ruling overturned because they thought he was being biased????

    Anderson being gay has nothing to do with nothing. Duh. But, some people won’t see it that way. I just don’t see why Anderson has to risk his entire career(he’s been at this news biz for awhile now). So people who never cared about him, could now learn that he’s gay?

    This is not fair. I know. But that’s the world Anderson lives in. When Anderson is reporting critical LGBT issues(like the LGBT teen suicides), the conservatives won’t like the fact that his reporting is bringing light to the issue, and that possibly new laws could be established to keep these “deviant, wretched” creatures safe and unbullied.


    Come out to who?? Queerty. Most black glbt folk knew the queen’s “Tea” already

  • Kim

    @ewe: She is not a lesbian she is bisexual. Her last 2 relationships have been same sex.So to say she is a lesbian is a lie IMO.

  • Marcus


    Wouldn’t that be wonderful? And a comedian’s dream come true.

  • ewe

    @Interesting: you are the one without an argument. Have you ever heard of personal choice. Someone elses personal choice on what they discuss does not have to pass your litmus test. Drink your own kool aid. what you said is rediculous.

  • ewe

    @Kim: ok kim she is a bisexual. From the mouth of Kim.

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