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Will Rhode Island Make Gay Marriage Supporter Lincoln Chaffee Its Next Governor?

With Rhode Island’s laughably anti-gay Gov. Don Carcieri forced out of office by 2010 because of term limits, a friend of the Gs is entering the fray for the governor’s mansion: Republican turncoat Lincoln Chaffee, who loves himself some homos.

Well, homo marriage that is. A vocal supporter, he stood alone among the GOP with his unwavering support for same-sex marriage. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to earn any friends in Rhode Island — for that, he’s actually banking on his Independent status, which he adopted after leaving the Republican party in disgust for its right-wing conservatism that abandoned voters, and politicos, who are “pro-choice, pro-environment, antiwar, and fiscally responsible.” Chaffee ran for governor in 2006, losing to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse.

And while Chaffee has been clear about his gay marriage support, it’s unclear how much of a campaign issue he’ll make it. After all, Rhode Island was devastated by the recession, and Chaffee is already talking about fiscal discretion — not civil rights — as a means to get Rhode Island’s residents back on track.