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Will Sia Be Among The Gays Who Stop Paying Her Taxes?

Back in 2008 after Prop 8 passed, singer Melissa Etheridge floated the idea that she would stop paying taxes because, if she’s a second-class citizen, she doesn’t have to pay first-class fees. Now we never found out of Melissa stuck to her guns (the IRS didn’t show up and throw her in a van, so I’m guess no), but now another singing lesbian is pushing the idea of no taxation without equality: Sia.

For now it’s just a Twitter thought exercise, but Sia asked her 36,000 followers, “Anyone know if there are any movements re gays stopping paying taxes until we have equal rights? Class action if we suffer tax penalties?” That was quickly met with @responses ranging from the supportive to the insulting, to which Sia responded, “anyone who is opposed to equal rights,recognition of same sex marriage, or is in anyway homophobic,please fuck off and follow angie harmon.” Well said, lady.

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