Will Someone Save This Trans-Friendly Boat?

The S.S. Gay, a WWII era Air-to-Sea Rescue boat that’s been a houseboat, been a Fire Island Ferry and even has been a shipwreck, now spends its days as a radical artist and community space on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal. The boat’s owners describe her as a “queer and trans-friendly space” and have converted her to sustainable technologies, including a wood-burning stove. Unfortunately, the S.S. Gay is sinking– an needs your help.

To raise funds for the boat, organizers are throwing a party on March 28th at Downtown Community Television (87 Lafayette Street) in Brooklyn. The party’s on a sliding scale of donation and while the mission of the S.S. Gay and Save the Gay may be one of the more amorphous causes we’ve come across, how can you say ‘No’ to a big gay hippie boat?