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Will The Air Force Punish Sgt. David Gutierrez For Hitting Swingers Parties Without Revealing He’s HIV-Positive?

Air Force Sgt. David Gutierrez, a twenty-year veteran stationed at McConnell Air Force Base , is being probed by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations over allegations he failed to disclose he’s HIV-positive to all the sex partners he met at swingers parties. Including dudes!

Gutierrez, 43, “engaged in numerous, unprotected sexual acts…over the course of three years” that count as “aggravated assault against several men and women in and around the Wichita, Kansas area” because he’s got The Hiv. His wife Gina says Gutierrez contracted the virus while stationed in Italy and told his sexual partners there; but upon being relocated to an American base, says an Air Force report, he stopped disclosing his status and thus violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice, relays the Smoking Gun.

[Gina] said that her husband used adult networking web sites to arrange “sexual encounters with both male and female partners,” and “bragged” to her “about his numerous sexual exploits in the Wichita area and commented he never informed the other parties of being HIV positive.” Online profiles indicate that Gutierrez’s wife has participated with him in swinging activity, both in Kansas and Italy.

[…] In his affidavit, [Air Force criminal investigator Derrell Freeman] disclosed having interviewed two women who reported having unprotected sex with Gutierrez after meeting him through adult web sites. Both women–whose names TSG has redacted from an excerpt of Freeman’s affidavit–told the Air Force investigator that Gutierrez never disclosed his HIV status. The names of both women appear among Gutierrez’s list of Facebook friends.

One woman told of first meeting Gutierrez in person last summer at a swinger party (she first connected with him through adultfriendfinder.com). The alleged victim, a 44-year-old Kansas woman with two sons in the military, said she performed oral sex on Gutierrez at that initial gathering, as well as at subsequent swinger parties over the following months. She added that he took photos and videos “every time these sexual encounters took place.”

The second woman, 44, told Freeman that she initially met Gutierrez in late-2009 via clubforeplay.com. During the Thanksgiving holiday she “engaged in unprotected oral sex and vaginal intercourse” with Gutierrez at his Wichita home. “At no time did D. Gutierrez disclose his positive HIV status” to the woman, Freeman reported.

It’s unclear whether these women have tested positive for HIV since their encounters with Gutierrez. But perhaps he didn’t disclose it because he came to the conclusion it wasn’t such a big deal.

In a June 2007 posting on adultfriendfinder.com, Gutierrez conducted a poll on whether respondents were willing to “play” with partners infected with herpes simplex virus (HSV) or HIV. In a follow-up post, he asked, “Why are people scared of the HIV virus, don’t you wear condoms to protect yourself from HSV?” He added, “The research I have done raises several questions on weather or not HIV is even related to AIDs.”

Maybe the Pentagon should send out a survey to servicemembers to see if they agree!