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Will the Family Research Council Be Able to Scare Senators Away From Confirming Chai Feldblum In 2010?

Dr. Chai Feldblum

While some folks will busy themselves making New Year’s resolutions come Jan. 1, we’re excited to ring in 2010 for the possible spectacle at the U.S. Senate when lawmakers debate Georgetown University lesbian professor Chai Feldblum’s appointment to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

After easily passing through a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee vote, she now faces a full Senate confirmation hearing along with other new Obama appointees.

And it’s there where groups like the Family Research Council will likely step up the pressure, just as they did (and still do) with Kevin Jennings. Feldblum’s obvious scarlet letter, which she already apologized for “accidentally supporting,” is her signature on a petition that supports polygamous marriage rights.

But then there’s Feldblum’s rampant support for anti-discrimination measures, which she believes trump religious freedoms. Or so that’s what Focus on the Family, the Traditional Values Coalition, the Liberty Counsel, and the American Family Association would have you believe; they already submitted a letter to the health committee criticizing Feldblum’s stance on religious institutions’ right to discriminate (namely, she doesn’t support it).

Oh, and the small matter that she’s a dyke. Not that AFA or FOTF would dare oppose her confirmation on that ground alone.