Will The Stolen Member List Of Uganda’s LGBT Org Become A Hit List?

The new Ugandan parliament can hardly wait to start imprisoning queers and HIV-positive people with its perpetual “Kill The Gays” bill. So it strikes us as ultra-ominous that someone recently broke into the offices of the Ugandan LGBT organization, Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG), and stole five computers—one of which had FARUG’s member list. Will the list become like Rolling Stone’s top 100 homos list that potentially helped end the life of Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato?

Group leader Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera (pictured) said that, “The mood is very low, trauma and worries are filled with members [sic].” She also mentioned that though the group has asked police to move quickly before any evidence gets destroyed, the police have not even stopped by to investigate the crime scene. FARUG begins a campaign against hate crime this week. Let’s hope it addresses ways for their members to protect themselves in light of their unexpected exposure.

Let’s also hope that Western diplomats can shame the country into dropping the “Kill the Gays” bill and focusing on issues that will actually improve the lives of their citizens instead of just distracting and demonizing others.