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  • gaymusicman

    Screw the sunglasses, where do I buy that dick?

  • Ryan

    I’d buy the sunglasses just to look cool sucking big dick like that guy.

  • Brutus

    Not THOSE sunglasses. And good Lord, what a trashy ad.


    Easy with the teeth!! Gots to open a bit wider for that freakin’ thing!

  • tjr101

    My attention wasn’t on the sunglasses so in essence the ad fails, but I still luv it!

  • Samwise

    Those are some ugly sunglasses.

  • kiki devanche

    those sunglasses are gaga-esque…i might get them for a specialty occasion, but not for consistent use haha.also…that penis….:-P~


    Mom: So how’s that modeling career going?
    Son: Great! I just landed my first ad, for a sunglass company!
    Mom: Oh how nice! Can you send a copy so I can show Grandma?
    Son: Ahhhhhhhh………….



    No I will NOT and I certainly wont let my kids near it.

  • 7

    Nice cock. Tacky-ass sunglasses.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    That ad could convince me to buy a garbage bag full of dead kittens.

  • Lefty

    boring ad.

  • santi

    the guy on the left is also the creator of the line…

  • Republican

    Someone should send these to Fred Phelps in honor of gay pride month and ask the seller to include an uncensored copy of the ad in the box.

  • hephaestion

    Hideous ad.

  • jason

    This is just a sad, sad ad. It’s indicative of the sex cult nature of the gay marketing paradigm. If there’s ever been a case for re-criminalizing homosexuality, this ad should be it.

  • alejandro

    wouldnt get the glasses.
    but the ads fine for the internet.

  • bevvie heels.

    ugh. ugh ugh. what ugly sunglasses. they’re all lady gaga’s fault, i’m sure.

    everything about this ad caters to the well off, obnoxious, gentrifying queermo. “gay sex sells”? i’m perturbed that we can be visible only because of our economic viability. bullshit bullshit bullshit.


  • jason

    Bevvie Heels,

    So true. I think the gay marketing paradigm is the pinnacle of self-obsessed consumerism. We’re horribly materialistic as a community.

  • Kevin

    @alejandro: The whole story describes it as a “print ad,” so it’s not purely for the internet. I’m personally not sure what I think about it. My initial reaction was that it’s over the line, but on thinking about it I feel like I appreciate the honesty. Many ads are pretty blatantly sexual, but more often than not it’s of the “wink-wink” variety: allegedly coincidental or humorous but really intentional and serious. So in a way it’s nice for an advertiser to say “You like sex? Here’s some sex. Now buy our glasses.” Kind of refreshing.

    The sunglasses are detestable, though.

  • James

    I guess gay sex really does sell.
    On the companies website it say “Our Payment Processing agent has crashed due to an unexpected spike in sales. Please come back tomorrow (6/9/10) to place an order. Thank You.

  • testington

    Where exactly is this going to be printed? I’m not offended by a blurry picture of a blow job, but what if you were reading a magazine at work, or had one on your coffee table when there happened to be children over? I don’t flip through every page of every magazine the second I get it, is this going to be in mainstream gay publications or would this only be in porn mags?

  • Blake Sorensen

    Neat ad, but I still wouldn’t buy the sunglasses. And I definitely wouldn’t want anyone coming near my goodies while wearing spikes on their head.

  • The Artist

    Protect the children from erect the penis. It is aggressive! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Lamar

    Like the ad, it’s refreshing that male sexuality is being explored a bit more now, it’s about time.

  • Latoya

    if you’re not convinced to buy the sunglasses, hopefully you’re at least convinced to wear protective eyewear while performing oral sex.

  • kiwi

    “Now you will never get cummed in your eyes!”

  • JoJo

    @kiwi: LOL =D they should put that tagline.

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