Will This Straight Go-Go Boy Go Gay-For-Pay for Michael Musto?

Michael Musto has a new boy crush! His name is Geronimo Frias (makes sense), he’s a go-go dancer (of course), and he’s straight (disappointing).

All the cute boys follow the Village Voice columnist around the clubs, which makes me laugh each time Michael acts demure about whether he’s getting any. But just when Michael sets his sights on someone he wants, it’s a recipe for disaster, as we see in his latest column.

Geronimo: On Halloween, some guy dressed like a pirate tried to stab me in the butt with his sword.
Me: As it were.
Geronimo: I understand that some-times people are just drunk and they don’t know what they’re doing. I did push him off, though.

Me: But in general, do customers show you all sorts of respect?
Geronimo: Some do, some don’t. A lot of them get angry that I’m straight. They get disappointed—or they look at me like, “Yeah, you’re straight now” or “You’re gay for pay.”
Me: [Pause.] Wait—you’re not only straight-edged, you’re actually straight? Isn’t it highly unusual to have a hetero working in a gay bar? Or actually dozens of gay bars?
Geronimo: I thought so, but I found out there’s a lot of straight guys dancing. They say straight, but other people say they’re confused or they might turn over. I’m not gonna turn over.

Me: Neither am I. But are you sure?
Geronimo: I don’t see it happening, but you can never say no. I’ve heard of people going their whole lives and then changing—like the guy from New Jersey [Jim McGreevey]—but I don’t see it happening.

Me: So, do you have a girlfriend?
Geronimo: No. Just a Chihuahua.
Me: So you must go to straight bars all the time to meet people, right?
Geronimo: I try to, but I’m too booked.
Me: So how in tarnation are you going to get a girlfriend?
Geronimo: That’s a good question. I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while.

Me: In the meantime, ahem, are you gay for pay?
Geronimo: No! Dance for pay, yes!

And another chiseled New York dancer boy slides between Michael’s fingers into the ether. But at least he can purchase a pint-size lookalike?

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    Think the time he could actually be refered to as a “boy” is long gone….. :-p

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Dance in a gay bar (several actually), check!
    Gay-face, check!
    Chihuahua, check!
    No girlfriend and doesn’t seem interested in finding one, check!

    What exactly is straight about this guy again?

  • Scott from CA

    If you think a majority of dancers in gay clubs are actually gay then I would like you to pass whatever it is that you’re smoking over here.

  • Hilarious

    @Scott from CA: If you think a majority of straight guys would wiggle their ass for other men then I would like you to pass whatever it is you’re smoking to the nearest trash can.

    I thought we were calling this “down low” now.

    You can say you’re not gay till you’re blue in the face but your flamboyant panties say otherwise, sweet cheeks.

  • Troy Boy

    Me: So, do you have a girlfriend?
    Geronimo: No. Just a Chihuahua.

    Can somebody ring a bell? We have a wiener!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    No. Just a Chihuahua.

    Which he carries around in his man purse.

    What a queen.

  • Max Verhel

    The bigger issue…why would gay club promoters/owners hire straight go-go dancers? What IS it with our fascination with hetros, at the very same time hetros spit in our faces. At the very same time thousands of gay men get fired or arrested simply for being gay and are out of work. You mean to tell me, you’d rather fantasize about a straight man who takes your hard earned pink dollar and probably throws out a “fag” or two given the chance as opposed to fantasize about a dude who doesn’t get grossed out about sleeping with another dude? You mean to tell me there’s a shortage of muscular, toned, gym bodies in the gay community (not to mention prettier faces than hetros)?

    The moment our community retires it’s fixation on hetro men and stops paying them just for being hetro is the FIRST big step we took in the direction of equality. Until then, it makes no sense to preach you’re their equal all while glorifying them as superior…in our own damn clubs!

  • IonMusic

    this article pisses me off. This guy is a stripper (“go go dancer” LOL) at a gay club and is sitting here going off on a tangent over being a stripper at a gay club and annoyed by gay men hitting on him? WTF???? That really actually makes me enraged. stop hiring breeders who don’t want to even be seen as sex objects as sex objects in our clubs. short of “I can’t stand the thought of gay men having sex” this kid is going off on how he pretty much hates aspects of his job. Why don’t you find a gay man who would be flattered and love the attention and would have better defined abs? they’re out there. start supporting you’re own for a change.

  • T.L Miley

    He’s not that cute facially and his role could be filled far better with the many village muscle men who’d actually like the job.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I don’t understand the hiring of straight guys in gay clubs when there is not a shortage of beautiful gay men in the universe.

    Knowing a dick has been sloshing around in some pussy is not a stimulator for me.

  • frozen north

    @IonMusic, I’d hate to see where you live if being stabbed in the ass with a plastic pirate sword equals “being hit on.”

    For me, “hello, can I buy you a drink?” works better and I don’t know…seems a little classier, no?

    On that note, I never understood why people get upset that strippers or gogo guys are str8.
    1) they’re there for visual entertainment, they are not “supplied” dating pool.
    2) they are self-trained to be approachable and charismatic, which doesn’t mean you have a chance. (well, some of you might.) But most…not so much.
    3) shoving a dollar down someone’s pants, doesn’t give you an “all you can grab” license. don’t be so shocked when they get annoyed.

  • Stephen

    “On that note, I never understood why people get upset that strippers or gogo guys are str8.”

    It’s only natural that most gay men will get upset or annoyed when they discover that their favorite dancer is straight – the fantasy has been ruined. And fantasies are what these dancers are peddling.

  • Dawson

    Tips are simply better in gay bars. If you are going to show off your assets for cash and not really have to sleep with anyone in the process would you do it for $50 a night or $500 a night? Simple question, simple answer. Yes, a great deal of go go boys in gay clubs are actually straight. I have a friend that owned an exotic dancing company and he would only hire straight dancers because they didn’t bring the same amount of drama, and they all worked in gay clubs as well as straight clubs and most of them had girlfriends or wifes.

  • nikko

    @Jac @Jack E. Jett: Really, JACK E JETT? Your first line was fine, but your argument is ruined with the “EEW,pussy” nonsense right after. There is nothing wrong with either pussy or penis,it’s juts a question of attraction. Is knowing that a dick may have been thumping through a shitty asshole any better?!

  • Michael L.

    If I knew they were straight…I wouldn’t pay them a dollar of my money. I’d rather pay a gay guy at a gay club. When straight clubs start hiring gays for a majority of employment, then we’ll talk, until then, keep the hetros off our property.

  • Adam

    Don’t discriminate!

    What is it with these gay queens and their anti-hetero agenda! Get a life! guys are guys gay or straight. It just happens that Geronimo is handsome, sexy, and has great moves. He is not famous because he is straight, he is famous because he is GOOD.

    I saw him in the ice cream truck video and searched for him because I thought he looked amazing and can dance terribly well, I didn’t care shit if he was gay or straight or even a hermaphrodite. You gay queens who like guys who are only gay are discriminatory pigs and should be ashamed of yourselves.

    We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore.

  • DaveyX

    I know this is a pretty old topic but I’ll respond anyway.

    Straight HOT AND ATTRACTIVE guys make more money working with gay men, that’s a known fact and one of the smartest business decisions to make if you’re an exotic dancer, and I say that as someone that use to dance. You barely make shit dancing for women alone (unless you’re REALLY popular and you get the most requests, but that’s just not so for most dancers) so it benefits you more if you dance for all audiences. You do have you’re rowdy ones that get out of control both men AND women and sometimes you really don’t want to get touched. Dancers expect to be respected and a lot of the time we just DON’T like being touched unless we want you to. Yeah I let people get away with it sometimes too but I really don’t appreciate it, especially if you don’t tip lol. If anything Geronimo is very gay friendly which means you guys should give him a pass. He’s attractive and he looks like a good dancer from what I’ve seen so he deserves every penny.

    I really don’t get why gay guys discriminate against straight guys. I would think they would know more than anyone how bad discrimination is after facing it for so long. If we do a great job at entertaining you, it shouldn’t matter what our personal lives are like (However I will agree that the dancers that are just plain jerks don’t deserve your tips). We AREN’T your boyfriends.

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