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Will Thomas Beatie Become the Next Jon & Kate?


It took Nadya Suleman eight children to sell a television show (that has yet to be picked up). It might take memoirist Thomas Beatie only two.

The “Pregnant Man,” who in June gave birth to he and wife Nancy’s second child, is pitching a reality series to Oxygen and TLC, says Gatecrasher. With the working title Meet the Beaties, the show would “feature Tracy/Thomas’ breast-removal surgery and how Beatie, along with wife, Nancy, and children Susan and Austin, are just a normal family.”

Hell, we could play a normal family for five figures an episode.

Just don’t fall into the trap Suleman did: Make sure you’re not violating child labor laws by filming the kids during off-hours.

(Photo: Regine Mahaux/Getty)