Will Toronto’s Gay Penguins Willingly Impregnate A Female?

Meet Buddy and Pedro, a pair of male African penguins who hang out all the time and exhibit courtship behaviors usually observed between male and female couples: They groom each other, go swimming together and make donkey noises at one another.

But zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo are tearing Buddy and Pedro’s little love nest apart in hopes of making them propagate their endangered species with females (wink, wink).

Will the bonded pair go bi to save their kind?

We’ll let you know if Buddy and Pedro take one for the team or end up reaffirming their love by refusing to participate in the patriarchal sex-trade industry.

Of all the homosexual animals in the wild queendom, penguins have always been our favorite, namely because they’re cute and tend to get banned from libraries.

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