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Will Uganda’s President Have to Answer for His Gay Hate Bill? … Taylor Lautner’s BF?!

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→ Will Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni have to answer to his support of a bill permitting gay execution as the 53-member Commonwealth of Nation meets this week? All the more curious, since Museveni is the meeting’s chairman.

→ Aw, everyone point and look at the cute “Taylor Lautner is gay” rumors. (Supposedly, the Twilight star is seeing this guy.)

Starting today, it just became harder to change genders in Thailand.

→ A youth center in Dallas that’s doing great things for gay kids.

→ Is gay marriage coming to Mexico City? One lawmaker says yes.

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  • Cam

    They’re saying that they have been seen making out in clubs in the meatpackin district. If thats true, then those clubs better watch out, isn’t this guy like 17 or 18? Last I checked you still had to be 21 to get into a club.

  • Danny

    I can’t get excited over a 17 year old being gay, celebrity, or not.

  • MacH

    He’s hot, but the fact that he’s gay doesn’t make it any likelier that I’ll have a shot with him, hahah.

  • Frank

    Who cares? The kid is 17. Hello! The boy has been exploited enough all for a film.

  • Kamikapse


    I’m sure he’s making quite a bit of money.
    And he hasn’t been exploited more than any female celebrity above the age of 15, so give me a break.

  • Trip

    Gay? Maybe. But my bet’s on retarde-er, developmentally disabled. That guy has the face of a short-bus rider if I ever saw one.

  • darek

    I’ve always thought Taylor Lautner’s voice had a bit of a swish to it.

  • terrwill

    TRIP: There definatley is something a little off with Taylor’s eyes but I think it definately think it makes him more attractive, he is hot, not in the cookie cutter hollyweird usual look…..

    As Taylor bein one of the Gays, I haven’t seen any of his movies, but did see him on a few talk shows these past two weeks and the gaydar started pinging like a clock shop at midnight!!!

  • terrwill

    PS to the BOQB who ALWAYS need to bitch about SOMETHING on EVERY thread the Queerty People post: Taylor Lautner is 100% above the age of consent in every state in the union.

  • KyleR


    Not every state, like 7 or something have it set at 18. All other 43 though.. Completely legal.

  • Kevin

    Ugh…Taylor can do better than that simple milquetoast.

  • Mike

    With just an ounce of digging, you can figure out that the pictured “Sean Fox” is actually just the blogger who posted the rumor. Weak.

  • jason

    Puh-lease, give the kid a chance. We gays are turning into Joe McCarthy’s bastard children, hunting for gays under every bed. Like the infamous Red-baiting Joe, we really are just as ugly.

  • eagledancer

    I am reminded of years ago, when the University of Washington, introducing the diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, used only American Indian children in their film. One of the frequent physical symptoms of FAS is epicanthic folds, which most Americans associate with “Asian” eyes. Given the fact many individuals of American Indian ancestry (like, say, Taylor Latuner) are born with epicanthic folds as part of their genetic make-up, there was a terrible period where American Indian children were wrongly diagnosed with FAS, and the film and diagnostic slides had to be reshot to show non-Native children who would not be expected to have the epicanthic folds.

    As to the “short bus” reference…a friend of mine is Japanese-Canadian, and has twins by her Euro-Canadian husband. The children have light brown hair, blue eyes, and epicanthic folds. They are often assumed initially by lay people as having Down’s syndrome because of their eyes, even though they are mentally quite bright. Just so, if you watch interviews with a pre-teen Latuner, he comes off as very articulate even then. Although in honoring the intent of this thread, his pre-teen comment about his black belt in martial arts comes off a bit fey–young Lautner discusses his first black belt in martial arts: (“I like this belt,” he giggles, “It’s like silk”) http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/11/11/taylor-lautner-new-moon-2005-interview/

    So—nothing is wrong with Latuner—his eyes are “normal” for a person of American Indian ancestry, and his global assessment score (what we use professionally in diagnosis of patients) is very high, indicating no problems with his intellect or expression.

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