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Will United Methodist Defrock Rev. Amy DeLong For Being An Admitted Practicing Homosexual?

The Rev. Amy DeLong, a minister in Wisconsin, broke two cardinal rules of the church: In 2009 she officiated the wedding ceremony for a lesbian couple, and separately she and her wife registered with the state as domestic partners. Both are huge no-nos for United Methodist clergy, which means DeLong now faces possible ouster, after 14 years with the church, on charges brought by a Wisconsin church committee — that “appeared almost reluctant in doing so, suggesting in a statement with its charging document that it had no choice under church laws. It praised her courage and described the charges as ‘fundamentally unjust.'” What law is that? The one requiring gay ministers to either remain celibate, or never disclose their sexual orientation. You know, like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for Jesus lovers. While DeLong could face only a one-day suspension, she could also be defrocked.