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Will University of Rhode Island’s Gay Students Get Anything Out Of Their Library Sit-In?

So what’s happened at the University of Rhode Island since a bunch of queers began a sit-in at the library at midnight Wednesday to demand the administration institute sensitivity training for faculty and provide the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center its own building? Well on Friday the leader of the protest, Gay Straight Alliance president Brian Stack, was told “fuck you faggot” by a fellow student whom called Stack’s backpack “faggy.”

In August university President David Dooley met with student LGBTs and, according to GLAAD, “acknowledge[d] that discrimination is all too frequently an issue for the school’s LGBT community. Since that meeting, steps have been taken to alleviate discrimination, but some students insist there’s much more that needs to be done.”

Thus, the sit-in.

Which is as unexciting as you might think. It’s taking place in the library’s 24-hour study room, where students can come and go even in the wee hours, and Stack and his brood aren’t blocking access to the facility. They’re just maintaining a presence there. Which is what the room is, uh, for?

Anyhow. Is this thing still going on? I couldn’t find any more local news coverage, and even Twitter is silent.