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Will You Be The First to See an iPhone Stranger’s Penis From 30,000 Feet?

You thought it was exciting when you were able to Grindr cruise guys on the ground from 30,000 feet on your wifi-equipped Virgin America flight? Then you’ll be thrilled to know the iPhone 4’s FaceTime works just fine in the skies — which means your ChatRoulette sexytime should too.

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  • Brian

    Good to see Apple has finally caught up with a feature Nokia and SonyEricsson have offered for six years now!

  • Michael

    I’m not understanding the hype over this face time iPhone feature. Most people hide behind voice mail, and you’re lucky to get a text in response to a call.

  • Hilarious

    I’m not understanding the hype over owning an iPhone in the first place. There are plenty of other phones that don’t literally siphon your money while the big wigs giggle at your stupidity.

    It makes me cringe to think how much people spend on iPhones when they could put it into an investment that would give them back plenty of cash in return.

  • L.

    (In what ways is FaceTime different from, say, Skype, besides *not* working over 3G and *not* working on non-iPhones? I am seriously asking, since I don’t use either.)

  • Brian Miller

    Apple makes it, L, so even though it costs more to do less than products available five years ago, it’s magical, revolutionary, innovative and worth paying a 200% price premium for.

  • L.

    @Brian Miller: Sorry I thumbed you up, but you made me laugh even as I am eagerly waiting my i4.

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