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Will You Download Ke$ha’s Singles If She Tells You She’s Bi?

Ke$ha, the singer behind the single “TiK ToK” whose name is actually Kesha Rose Sebert, but her label evidently thought she’d be more marketable with a dollar sign in her name, because, mo’ money y’all, comes out as bi in this interview. Now, is this from the Katy Perry school of bi, or the Fergie school of bi? And we can’t help but get the feeling all these young female artists are playing up this dual preferences for the sake of headlines, and it’s like, where are all the dude singers coming out as bi?

Then again, if you could sell more records by coming out as bi, then why is T-Boz taking to Twitter to deny as much? Or does bisexuality marketing work better on new artists? Ahem, Katy.

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  • ZJ


    That’s about it, I guess. Wouldn’t make her music particularly more appealing.

  • YellowRanger

    I heard that Tik Tok song on the radio once and honest to god, I could feel my brain cells dying one by one every second I listened.

    It’s like what would happen if you took Lady Gaga, took away her quirky personality and actual musical talent, smacked her in the back of the head with a sack full of STDs and broken Jack Daniels bottles for about five minutes, then ran the whole thing through an autotuner.

  • Cam

    No…its a bunch of B.S. all these female singers who claim to be “bi” ALWAYS date and marry men. So just because she was in college and kissed her best friend on a dare, it doesn’t mean she is bi. she is just another women trying to give straight men hard-ons so they’ll buy her song.

  • Alexa

    I finally gave up on radio completely when K-rock became a top 40 station, so I hadn’t heard the song. Looking at the video it’s like if Taylor Swift were doing a Lady GaGa parody on SNL, only with none of the talent of either of those women. Based on that and the dollar sign in her name, I assume she’ll turn out to be a pathetic Katy Perry-esque prick tease bisexual. Why do people even listen to this shit?

  • scott ny'er

    so i didn’t like TikTok the first time I heard it. But after a couple of listens and hearing my fav acoustic youtube group sing it, I dug it.

    why would any dude want to come out as Bi? There’s no upside. Chicks come out as bi and dudes will think it’s hot and buy their stuff. If some dude, like a Jonas bro comes out as bi, it’s not going to get him more girl fans and definitely won’t get him guy fans so why bother. I think it’s a stupid question.

  • ousslander

    hells no. Another pretender with a whiny skank of a persona. plus the songs sucks and grates on ones nerves

  • FakeName


  • Jack

    Yeah – who?

  • james_cambridge

    i’ve downloaded a bunch of her songs and while they all sound very, very similar,”take it off” is gonna be a huge hit….if they have enough sense to release it as a single. it’s even catchier than tik tok. moreover, “take it off” will be the anthem for all gay club sluts everywhere.

  • Cam

    No. 9 · james_cambridge
    i’ve downloaded a bunch of her songs and while they all sound very, very similar,”take it off” is gonna be a huge hit….if they have enough sense to release it as a single. it’s even catchier than tik tok. moreover, “take it off” will be the anthem for all gay club sluts everywhere.

    Did her publicist just sign on and leave a comment? ;)

  • jason

    This is female bisexuality as designed by sleazy straight guys in record companies who don’t give a fuck about our rights. Kesha should fuck off along with Fergie and all the other female attention whores who are using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy.

    The reason there are no male artists coming out as bisexual is because the record company honchos go “ewwww” when they hear of the male-male sexual interaction, and it also doesn’t suit their marketing ploy strategy.

  • brian

    Message to the gay community: the only way you’re going to stop these females insulting our sexuality is to stop buying their records. As I’ve said before, ever since Madonna came on the scene, female artists have been claiming to be bisexual in an attempt to appear gay-friendly. However, their so-called bisexuality is planned in record company offices by cigar-smoking heterosexual men and their female enablers.

    Rather than bisexual, I would call them “boner dykes”. They are boner dykes on the model of the “bisexual” women you see in most mainstream porn movies where the women are shown as bisexual but the men as strictly straight.

  • simon

    OMG, yet another “bisexual” female singer.

    Where are the bisexual men?

  • simon

    Scott N’Yer,

    You come across as one of these useful idiots who props ups the bisexual double standard. I hope I’m wrong but that’s the impression I get.

    If female bisexuality is marketed in this way, then it’s not really about acceptance. It’s a phony acceptance based on titillation of sleazy straight guys. We in the gay community didn’t fight our difficult battles for same-sex rights just so that skanky females can claim to bisexual in order to cause straight guys – many of whom are homophobic – to masturbate.

    Please do not subscribe to the bisexual double standard. It is doing immense damage to men in general, particularly men who experience stigma regarding their same-sex feelings.

  • Bruce

    This is female bisexuality as designed by sleazy straight guys who call us faggots and bash us.

  • scott ny'er

    @No. 14 · simon

    well, at least i’m a useful idiot. LOL

    look, i look at it from a marketing, making money perspective. You know, the perspective of the label who makes contracts with the artist. It doesn’t make sense for a guy to come out as bi. I’m not saying he shouldn’t but if you’re a jonas bros and ur target market are tween girls, why would you do that? Answer that question. Now, if ur a hot woman and maybe your bi, maybe you aren’t but whatever the case u can come out as bi and other than devout religious folk, ur going to be more marketable to the horny dudes as well as the tween girls.

    A dude who is bi or gay will not be insanely popular and make a shitload of money. And honestly, I think a lot of artists are in it for those reasons. I was hoping Adam Lambert might prove me wrong but so far I’ve been right. It’s not the 70s anymore, where David Bowie can make it. Or even the 80s where you have Boy George (and I really have to research how he became so big… I mean I dug him, but I didn’t think about straight or gay, I thought he was fun and the songs catchy). Society, unfortunately has become more conservative and yet more accepting of gays at the same time.

    Personally, I don’t care a whit if ur bi, gay, whatever. If the song is good, I’m all in. If it sucks, then I don’t want to hear it.

  • james_cambridge

    @ no. 10 cam: “Did her publicist just sign on and leave a comment? ;)”

    excuse me for having taste :p

  • Eric

    Right on, Bruce.

  • jason

    Scott NY’er,

    You’re supporting the “phony acceptance based on titillation” line. What you need to understand is that this is phony acceptance. It is not a true acceptance.

    The guys who think bi chicks are “hot” are not going to run to the ballot box to vote for GLBT rights. They are usually guys who call us faggots while masturbating over lesbians.

    If you want to support this exploitative form of female bisexuality, go right ahead. However, your stance does not belong in the GLBT movement. It belongs in the sticky pages of Playboy and Hustler.

  • scott ny'er

    dude. I don’t care if she’s bi or not. I like the effin’ song.

    and yeah, i get it. stupid jocks won’t vote LGBT. so that means, you won’t listen to the song because she says she’s bi and the dudes who dig her won’t support us.

    that sounds very illogical to me. it’s not like the stupid jocks made the song.

    whatever, if you don’t want to “support” the song because you erroneously connect a person who made the song and the people who listens to the song, go right ahead.

    and while you do that you should find out who buys the products that you “support” and see if they support us or not.

  • Caitlin

    If you want a cute bisexual male singer, look no further than Mika!
    I suggest watching the video for “Blame it on the girls” because you will fall in love. At least I did…

  • james_cambridge

    @ caitlin: nigga please; mika is about as bisexual as miss jay.

  • $0.02

    I’m getting sick and tired of all these STRAIGHT women masquarading around as bisexual women when many of them have probably never even sincerely kissed a woman, loved a woman, or even thought about spending their life in a loving relationship with a woman. Why? Because they are straight. They are not only trying to pander to sleazy straight men who not only bash gay men but also ASSume that gay women, REAL gay women secretly want them and want to engage in activities that THEY find titilating. This is getting old, tired and I don’t like these type of women trying to jump in our community when they just aren’t members. Some gay women jump on this not realizing these women do not want us. They are using our identity to sell to the same men that attack, insult and belittle our gay brothers, and rape attack, insult and belittle our gay sisters. You don’t, never have and never will be apart of our struggle, our identity or our life experiences. JUST STOP!

  • Alison

    No. I have better things to do with my money. I didn’t buy Katy Perry’s crap debut single either. People who said yes are idiots. I’m not that stupid!

  • gracie

    Who cares if Ke$ha is bi? Im Bi and noone posts it on the internet so what is the big deal? I think ke$ha is hot!!!!!! But noone is complaining. So people suck it up!!!!!!!!

    love u Ke$ha X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

  • jason


    Well said. I loathe these women too. They’re simply using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy to appeal to men who crap all over our rights.

    Not only are they harming us, they are trivializing female sexuality as a whole. They’re making it harder for genuine lesbians and genuine bisexual women.

  • GeM

    Katy Perry is not bisexual, at all. She never said she was. She said that she wrote “I Kissed A Girl” about Scarlett Johansson because she thought her lips were very kissable, or something like that. As far as I know though, she’s pretty straight.

    Kesha didn’t say she’s bi, she said she likes people. Essentially, she’ll try anything. I’m the same way. I’m not really sure that I’m bi, or straight, or gay, or whatever. I’ll try anything, it depends on the situation and person. I don’t really know that labels like that can apply to everyone. I (a girl) may have only ever been attracted to one girl, but many guys. Am I bi then? What if I’m attracted to girls emotionally and mentally but not physically? Or what if I like to be physical with girls but would never want a relationship with one? Where is the line? How do you know for sure that you’re straight? Until recently I always thought I was straight. I just agree with her that labels don’t always work. I certainly wouldn’t know what to label myself. I just say that I like people, and was surprised to hear her say that too. I haven’t heard many people say that.

    To answer the question: no, it won’t make me download her song.

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