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Will You Download Ke$ha’s Singles If She Tells You She’s Bi?

Ke$ha, the singer behind the single “TiK ToK” whose name is actually Kesha Rose Sebert, but her label evidently thought she’d be more marketable with a dollar sign in her name, because, mo’ money y’all, comes out as bi in this interview. Now, is this from the Katy Perry school of bi, or the Fergie school of bi? And we can’t help but get the feeling all these young female artists are playing up this dual preferences for the sake of headlines, and it’s like, where are all the dude singers coming out as bi?

Then again, if you could sell more records by coming out as bi, then why is T-Boz taking to Twitter to deny as much? Or does bisexuality marketing work better on new artists? Ahem, Katy.