Will You Forgive Ken Mehlman Now That He’s Fighting For Marriage Equality?

Professional outer of anti-gay politicos Michael Rogers said that we should only forgive Ken Mehlman (the guy who helped spearhead the Republicans’ horrific assault on gay Americans in 2004), once he apologized for all his wrongdoing and donated a huge chuck of the money he made doing it back into the queer organizations he helped harm. Ken totally hasn’t done that, but he has been privately meeting with New York’s Republican senators to try and get them to support the Marriage Equality Bill. So, like, can we all be friends yet?

Mehlman says, “I’m hopeful and confident from the discussions I’ve had, and others have had, that there will be an up-or-down vote and that the vote will be positive because, again, I think that as people as look at this issue, they recognize that it is consistent with what their constituents want, most importantly, and second it’s consistent with the values they espouse and certainly many of the Republican stand for.”

Oh, Ken. Don’t you realize that public GOP faces like Michele Bachmann and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum continue insulting our very existence while opposing the majority of Americans who want legal equality for queer US citizens?

OK, OK… the Republicans also gave a metric shit ton of money to help sway New York in favor of marriage, but is that the result of gay Republican influence like Mehlman’s or just a stray pack of rogue elephants working against their own herd?