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Will You Like Train’s Mediocre Song More If They Put Lesbians In The Video?

So Train, the band who berated you about Soul Sisters and the planet Jupiter, has recently dropped another song. But this time it has a special message about the gay mecca of San Francisco and how it soothes the soul or something… I’m not entirely sure. The song kinda sucks but it’s supposed to be really edgy because it has a lesbian couple getting married. So, is this a gimmick to lure lezzie-loving frat bro listeners or a stand in for the Prop 8 or just a way to get lesbians into Train? No, no not at all. It’s just another song about a straight man chasing a lesbian fantasy of his—kinda like Chasing Amy, but with an ultra lame soundtrack.

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  • jason

    Train is not a gay-friendly band. They’re your typical sleazeballs who think they have a sense of entitlement over lesbians. This is a common affliction of sleazy straight guys. Of course, you’d never see them putting a male-male couple in their videos, would you? It’s basically a form of selective homophobia on the part of Train.

    Fuck off, Train.

  • Jon Tom

    Train is horrible! I can’t stand any train crap music! Makes me want to vomit. Seriously gross!!! Just my opinion. Have a nice day!

  • Sebizzar

    I like Hey Soul Sister, Drops of Jupiter, Calling All Angels, & If It’s Love is alright x)

  • Johnny Q Doe

    Seriously, over-analyzing a music video.

    I think you’re confusing story (guy tries to pull “The Graduate”, except for 2 things: a) his girl is marrying another girl and b) it doesn’t work) and overall point.

    In the story, there is just a vague understanding that she isn’t waiting for him any more, and she’s getting married.

    The point, however, is a band just put out a video showing two women getting married…in San Francisco. Y’know, that thing that happens more frequently, as it’s becoming more common, in a place that’s pretty accepting. Granted, there weren’t lots of scantily clad men, drag queens, rainbows and glitter, but I don’t really think we needed camp.

    Grow up. This isn’t anti-gay.

  • jason

    This reminds of those faux-open-minded straight-identifying guys who claim to be for gay rights but then hang out only in lesbian bars, avoiding gay men’s bars like the plague. There’s nothing remotely gay-friendly about them. These straight-identifying men see lesbians as women who are making poor choices and who must, therefore, be required to subscribe to the straight man’s sense of entitlement.

    The only reason they like lesbian bars is because it gives them the opportunity to set up those threesomes which they so dearly crave. They are pathetic, mangy men with mental issues and patriarchal attitudes to women in general.

  • Jeffree

    You mean this wasn’t about a Medicare song? Oh.

    Well, ok, I’m past that now. The song is lousy with a capital Z. “Hey Soul Sister” was at least catchy, this one is a plodding mess. The video was best with the sound off, so I could make up my own words & music. “Ima mar-rrry my laaa-dy, & we gonna honey-moon-ee….in Hawaa’iii, near some palm tree, OH”

    @jason. You do have a point about people with “mental issues” & who have negative views of women. I bow to your tremendous expertise & experience in both those areas.

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