Watch: Willam Helps Underwear Model Max Emerson Smooth out His Penis Line

So, technically this video is NSFW, so you probably shouldn’t watch it at work. But if you’re at home we recommend you watch it multiple times… and study because there’s going to be a test at the end of the series!

Max's Underpants Web Series Max Emerson LogoToday’s lesson is “VPL.” VPL is an acronym that stands for “Visible Penis Line.” VPL is apparently a common problem for male underwear models, including Max Emerson (@maxims on Instagram), the host of the series. Thankfully, Willam Belli is there to help him and together they teach the world the secret to getting a smooth penis bulge.

Spoiler Alert: Real talk… with this technique, I’m so thankful men can’t get yeast infections! Wait… they really can’t, right?!

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