Exclusive: In His Words, Here's Why Willam Created a Transformation Series

Willam Belli Paint Me Bitch YouTube Web Series Baby Drag Queen Makeup Featured Image

Willam Belli just launched ‘Paint Me Bitch,’ a new self-produced web series that will feature a variety of fierce makeup artists. The series will “give you makeup tips on how to look about 20 to 25 years younger.”

We reached out to Willam to learn a little bit more about this project, and he spill the tee on the inspirations behind this sickening new web series:

[quote]People have been gagging for more makeup tutorials since I uploaded my Filthy Sunset look so I decided to do a whole show about them. I love the current crop of makeover shows but think they lack a purpose and ending. So for mine, I’ve decided to actually road test the looks somehow- for instance, this first episode I go-go dance at a party at Burning Man in the finished look. Future episodes have me hooking on the ho-stroll in Hollywood at Shakey’s Pizza and Donut Time (f’real and the footage is insane!), doing photo shoots for work and placing Craigslist ads to see who I can get to play a very special game that is kinda a combo of To Catch A Predator and The Bachelorette. Guests include Scott Barnes & Frank Galasso, Raja, Brett Freedman, Amy Doan/Porcelain/Queen of Blending for Sugarpill, and Marcel Banks of Face Off. Super excited to be rotating this show in with BEATDOWN and my other Friday videos.

“This show specifically comes because I wanted to do Transformations and LOVE James St. James but well…see below. Someone somewhere at World of Wonder is not playing ball but that’s cool…if they don’t want me on their playground, I’ll build my own friggin’ swing set. No love lost. Love RuPaul and 98% of the people there and am thankful for all the opportunities that came from me being a participant on the most fabulous game show in town (Portions of this message not affecting the outcome have been edited ;)”[/quote]

Willam Transformation James Saint James

Watch the first episode below, where (baby) William gets transformed by Courtney Tichman from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Enjoy!