Watch: Willam and Sharon Needles' Close Betsey Johnson's NY Fashion Week Show


William Belli and Sharon Needles stole the show on Wednesday as the closing models for Betsey Johnson’s Spring 2015 presentation at New York Fashion Week. The showcase, which celebrated marriage equality and freedom, was sarcastically called ‘Pre Nup.’

Following a series of sickening fashions, Willam took the runway second to last in a fierce blue lustrous mini dress. Sharon closed the show in a white cropped wedding dress that left her chest and shoulders uncovered.

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The show didn’t stop after the queens left the runway. Betsey excitingly took the stage and playfully did a cartwheel, high kick and the even dropped into the splits. The big surprise, however, happened when the models walked the runway for the final walk. As Sharon walked by Betsey, Betsey stopped her and had her carry her off the stage. While it wasn’t exactly the most graceful walk (have you ever tried to carry someone while wearing high heels?), it was still fierce as f*ck!



When Betsey and Sharon reached the beginning of the runway, Sharon turned around and locked lips with Betsey for one last shocking moment before they left the stage.

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