Willam Belli Shines in the Premiere of 'Hollywoodland'

Willam Belli in Hollywoodland

If you haven’t seen the premier episode of Hollywoodland, featuring Willam Belli, you’re missing out!

Willam, in boy-drag, shows up to a fabulously-gay dinner party with a friend, who might be cast as his boyfriend in the series… although we seriously doubt he is Willam’s type in real life (#JustSayin). They, along with a gay stereotyped daddy-son couple, attempt to converse about pop culture and entertainment, and when that doesn’t go well they move on to personal family events.

Check out the video below to see Willam in action and watch the hilarity ensue! We’re actually sort of surprised that Willam’s boy-drag character is very similar to his girl-drag character.

Hollywoodland Featuring Willam Belli