Willam Belli Plays Alice in Hilarious 'Alice in WeHoLand' Taylor Swift Parody

Willam Belli stars as Alice in YouTube sensation Todrick Hall‘s new music video parody of Taylor Swift’s single ‘Shake it Off.’

The parody video is called ‘Alice in WeHoLand’ (West Hollywood Land) and is a hilarious public service announcement reminding you that walking and playing with your cell phone can be a very dangerous distraction. The message may be serious, but the music video is everything you would expect for a Todrick Hall and Willam Belli collaboration.

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In addition to Willam and Todrick, this music video is jam packed with YouTube celebrities, including Davey Wavey and Glozell, and sexy shirtless men to gawk at. Here’s a sneak peak of what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum look like…

Willam Belli Todrick Hall Alice In WeHoLand Music Video Taylor Swift Shake it Off Parody Naked Guys