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Willam and Jackie Beat team up to wish you a sexually healthy holiday

Drag queens Willam and Jackie Beat in a living room surrounded by hunky men in blue briefs and blue Santa hats.

The holidays are a stressful time for all. The hustle and bustle, the travel, the expenses, your extended family members who start ranting about “the transgenders” unprompted. Race Chaser creator Willam and Dr. Jackie star Jackie Beat have teamed to promote free HIV testing and PrEP delivery services in the most holly jolly, horny way.

The queens detail the “convenient” and “easy” to “order everything you need online” while being danced around by holiday hunks in nothing but blue bikinis and Santa hats.

It’s not the most subtle carol in the world, with these drag divas singing shamelessly about c*ck rings and f*cking in front of the fire (with a helpful demonstration for the visual learners). Sometimes, innuendo is overrated!

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In addition to HIV prevention, MISTR has recently begun a long-term HIV treatment service with no out-of-pocket costs or in-office doctors’ appointments. The expanded care was announced just earlier this month in tandem with World AIDS Day.

Get your yuletide life walkin’ through this “MISTR Wonderland”:

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