Willam’s hot cakes, a moment for men’s skirts, & Lil Nas X’s ode to Beyonce

Get an exclusive first look at the queens of the all new Drag Latina, then catch up on the latest from Gay TikTok:

Kendell Lamar told his parents.

@kendelllamar0 The closet was glass babe 💅🏾 #fypシ #gay #lgbt🌈 #outthecloset #comingout ♬ original sound – Kendell Lamar

J. Tyler twerked for Jesus.

@jtylermusic fuck ‘em #gay #gaytiktok #foryou #lgbt #fyp #gayboy ♬ original sound – J. Tyler

Two Mormons visited “the gayest place in town.”

@jamie.foust94My wife and I recently got a new door mat. It was a great investment. It says “gayest place in town” and has the added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god. 😂

♬ original sound – jamie.foust94

Chachi gave the same energy.

@pxpichachi Gay activism 😌 #gayrights #lgbt #returningenergy ♬ BIZCOCHITO – ROSALÍA

Wyatt wore new shoes to school.

@thegaysiancowboy When he first asked to wear them a couple weeks ago , I told him no that day but I’d run it by papa. I was scared for him. And it was also my internalized trauma from actually growing up gay. Gender assigned clothing is man made. To him, they are like any other costume articles of clothing. Kids haven’t fell victim to societal standards. We want to protect that. I was raised by two loving straight parents. I never wore girls clothing. And here I am .. gay. We need to use logic. #parenting #twodads #lgbt #family #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – thegaysiancowboy

Jay Hawkridge named five misconceptions about being HIV+.

@jayhawkridge Podcastin bio #hiv ♬ Minimal Techno – FuturePlays

Men’s skirts had their moment.

@theandrewchristian Rockstar for sure! 🤩 #kimpetras #andrewchristian #trophyboy #gay ♬ original sound – Kim Petras

Willam showed off.

@gottmik @willamtiktok ♬ original sound – Gottmik

Lil Nas X vogued.

@lilnasxwho came to the long live montero tour tonight!?

♬ star walkin – lil nas x

And Sam Vass pumped his gas.

@samvassfree Hows my abs after being 3 months in Greece 🇬🇷 ?#fyp #greece ♬ original sound – samvassfree

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