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William Shatner + Tim Bagley’s Gay Oral Sex Jokes Rile Up $#*! My Dad Says‘ Laugh Track

I do not watch $#*! My Dad Says, or anything on CBS (besides Survivor and Amazing Race, and even then it’s usually via YouTube clips), so I had no idea how many gay, uh, “jokes” they had going. Sassy waiters at an obviously gay restaurant called the Hotcake Carral who get excited about large vegetables! Tim Bagley, “the nice homosexual from the DMV”! I forgot how CBS’s target demographic (the 55-and-over set) laughs at me. If the jokes weren’t so bad, I’d spend more time criticizing them.

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  • ousslander

    I think the show is hysterical especially this episode. Now they added Bagleyas a regular. I think they should dump the son character and make it about shatner and his new housekeeper.

  • Jason Dancin'

    The stereotypes that ooze from this clip are just sickening. And yes I say oozing because this is a toxic piece of sludge. CBS should be ashamed of itself. But I fear they just don’t care enough to be ashamed.

    Trash. Pure and simple.

  • peter

    I might have been funny, but the derisive laughter by the “audience” at the beginning kind of sets the mood in a bad way.

  • TVLandLubber

    Aww, lighten up.
    – Not meant to be offensive.
    – Gay visibility, especially for the 55+ crowd.
    – Kind of funny.

    The show’s not doing fantastic in the ratings, so big whoop anyway. You don’t have to hate on everything that wasn’t written for your extraordinarily witty and superior gay intelligence.

    If gays are too often going to pick apart gay characters or gay-inclusive situations, then maybe the networks honchos will just say “It’s too much to bother with. We can’t make them happy, so, lets just rewrite it. It’s not like they’re driving our ad base.” Why do you think it’s so hard to get African-American, Latino, Asian and many other minority shows to stay on broadcast TV?

  • anyway

    Who could possibly have a problem with that scene? I love it. Gives people a chance to laugh “with” us, even though some (an ever decreasing number, I hope) will be laughing at us.

  • EdWoody

    Oh, unbunch your panties. It was fine. The jokes were affectionate, at no time was anyone made fun OF for being gay – they were had fun WITH. Shatner was not anti-gay – he was just clueless and bewildered. We laughed at the way the gay jokes went over his head. The point of the Shat’s character was that he had trouble apologizing for anything – nothing to do with the other person being gay. He’d barely even noticed the whole palce was gay.

  • Marcus M.

    I’m just scared that there are people here who think this show is funny at all. It’s the one fall show that’s been unanimously trashed across the board and it’s just plain awful with some of the worst writing on television. Even worse, some of you are watching it at the same time you could be watching 30 ROCK!

  • scott ny'er

    I think the point is, it really panders to extreme stereotyping of gays.

    Let’s try these another way. If you replace the gays with black people and have them all being ghetto. And Shatner the jokes are all about fried chicken, gangs and speaking in urban/ghetto talk. Would that still be funny?

    Every time Shatner asks for some grits or fried chicken. All the patrons and waiters yell out, “hell yes, or something like that”.

    Both situation funny and both are offensive.

  • scott ny'er

    @scott ny’er: please excuse my many typos. i really should proof my stuff.

  • TVLandLubber

    @scott ny’er:
    Uh, what comedy show have you ever seen that didn’t rely on stereotypes? What reality TV show doesn’t rely on stereotypes?

    You guys have got rainbows jabbed in your eyes.

    Change the channel.

    Go watch Logo — I’m sure you won’t find any extreme stereotypes on “RuPaul Drag Race” or “Big Gay Sketch Show.” Or go watch BET — I’m sure you won’t find any extreme stereotypes there either. Or maybe Univision comedy shows — nope, no extreme stereotypes hootin’ and hollerin’ on there. Maybe PBS has some British comedy shows without extremely stuffy stereotypes for you to watch.

    Good luck. So sorry you are offended when someone “acts gay.” Because anyone who’s ever been to a restaurant frequented by gay men knows that they don’t “dress gay,” “talk gay” or “act gay” in real life at all.

  • i_dunno_but

    @peter: yeah – I can’t watch any of these shows with canned laugh-tracks. I find them ALL extremely insulting. I can decide for myself what I find funny and don’t need some asshole somewhere to be pushung a button somewhere *cue the laugh* to tell me I’m supposed to find somethgng funny…. especially the same canned laugh segment over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  • Jimmy Fury

    Jesus I hope nobody gets trampled with all the high horses marching through this post…
    The scene was funny, the scene later where Shat was confused about where to add his own holla was funnier.

    But the show does kinda suck. Good characters, good cast, good situation, horrible writing. So far those 2 scenes and the scene with the cable guy have been the only funny ones.

    And TVlandLubber has a point. The perpetual bitchathon could very easily backfire. I kinda prefer flaming stereotypes to complete nonexistence.

  • Scot

    These high horse attitudes are such bullshit! GAYS STEREOTYPE GAYS! I’d bet good money that everybody who reads this blog knows at least one queeny little bitch who acts just like the actors in that scene. GAY PRIDE MY ASS. Its a turn off to gays and straights alike. Get real and stop with the denial.
    I will never understand how a man caring for, and loving – being in love with another man turns into some swishy, bitchy little queen. That’s not the definition of being gay, in my book. That’s the definition of being queer.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @Jason Dancin’: Believe it or not there are lots of gay men out there who fit this effeminate stereotype to the T. It’s almost as if you feel that this kind of behavior is shameful especially when shown on TV. We should shame individuals who stereotype gay men, not gay men or television characters who fit the stereotype. If a person cannot distinguish a stereotype from reality then that is that person’s fault, not $#*! My Dad Says.

  • Cindy

    I’m really disappointed in this show. I was looking forward to it mainly because William Shatner, imho, is extremely funny. I also like Tim Bagley and hoped his character would add to the show. However, the show is not funny. Shatner’s character is too abrasive, his son is too clueless and one dimensional, and the other son and daughter-in-law do nothing to add to the show. I’d love to see more interaction between Bagley and Shatner and maybe a little less with the live in son. Or at least change his character so that he interacts in a more humorous way with Shatner’s character. I’ll watch it occasionally if it’s on but it is not something I look forward to and probably wouldn’t miss if it were not on any longer.

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