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William Sledd Headed Straight For The Top

William Sledd’s certainly moving up in the world. Bravo executives are apparently so captivated by his minstrel act, they’re extending his internet act into a half-hour train wreck, Hey, Bitches!. It should be called, “Hey, GLAAD, can you do something about this?”

Production honcho Frances Berwick couldn’t contain Bravo’s collective excitement:

With over 80,000 subscribers and more than 3 million channel views to date, William’s sense of humor and style have clearly struck a chord with the American public. The response to William on has been overwhelming. His charm and sense of fun are infectious. People are asking to see more of him and his life.

We New Yorkers will be seeing a lot of Sledd: he’s reportedly packing it in and headed to the Big Apple. You’ve been warned.

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  • Tom

    There is no god.

  • zeami99

    and this from high-minded Queerty who called us all “disease-ridden faggots” . Queerty – you are no one to put down any other gay anything. You are as lightweight as them all. Just more hypocritical. Let’s hope young William doesn’t take after you.
    You haven’t even seen anything yet, and have labeled it a train wreck: it is your reporting that needs some finesse.

  • David Hauslaib, Queerty

    I’m certainly willing to give Sledd, and his show, a chance to impress. In fact, some of his videos are quite entertaining. (Your editor feels differently, it’s clear.)

    But it’s getting tired to see such token-dom — let’s not pretend Sledd’s overt gayness isn’t a huge, deal-breaking part of all of this — be celebrated.

  • Amber LeMay

    Hell, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it…

  • Justice

    Seriously? Is this all we have to offer? Gay sex, gay fashion advice, gay make up tips and home design? How are we ever going to be taken seriously when the media is full of nothing but stereotypical queers running around talking about bullshit like clothes and makeup? No one cares and this is not important, we have a world full of problems to address and this is not where our energy should be spent. How in the world is giving fashion advice to spoiled consumers going to better gay culture? When will the gay community get it’s own Martin Luther king or Ghandi? When will we have a member of this “culture” that we can be proud of? Ant, George Takai and Queer Eye… this is it? I feel like I am screaming for someone to stand up and act like a man, but all I can hear from everyone else is how fabulous their ass looks. I fully understand that not all gay men are like this, but the average American does not understand this or have reason to believe this. Living in Los Angeles, of all places, I still hear people comment daily on how surprised they are that I don’t act like a girl. Is this what it feels like to go insane? I really doubt the black rights movement would have been as successful if MLK ran around calling people niggers and telling them how to fry a mean chicken. These inept stereotypes are getting tired and a large population of the gay community is fed up. Besides, if you’re going to sit in the comfort of your mothers house and insult people’s looks and style, you might as well find someone attractive to do it. If you’re going to pile on stereotypes, might as well include the one that says we are all hunks with tans, great bodies and no thoughts of our own. Oh and don’t forget Madonna, Paris and Kylie.

  • WWH

    Moving to New York? Don’t tell me he’s tired of Padikah, Kentuky or kansas, or whereever it is.

  • William Sledd


    I am such a bottom! THANK YOU!



  • Rowen

    Amber: A lot of people say things like that. Frankly, I find it a very childish thing to say. Yes, if I don’t like it, I probably won’t watch it. However, we can and should still call shenanigans when people act all retarded. William Sledd does nothing to improve the gay community, based on what I’ve seen of his YouTube videos. For a major media company to give him MORE air time is a slap in the face to all gay men and women who are trying to live normal lives without having to become the sexless, fashion consultant faggot friend to millions of Carrie Bradshaw wanna-bes.

    Justice: We’ve had leaders and martyrs and such in the gay community. Unfortunately, they are given very little consideration in this modern day and age. I’d love to blame it on how stupid people are becoming, only concerned about their looks and who their sleeping with tonight, but it’s more then that. It’s like a nation-wide epidemic of ignorance.

  • Amber LeMay

    Oh Row… Is part of living your “normal” life calling other people childish and retarded? Have you seen my webpage? Does it look to you like I’m a Carrie Bradshaw wanna-be? FYI – I’ve never watched an episode of SATC.

    As for your epidemic of ignorance… it should be “THEY’RE sleeping with” and “more THAN that.”

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