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William Sledd Headed Straight For The Top

William Sledd’s certainly moving up in the world. Bravo executives are apparently so captivated by his minstrel act, they’re extending his internet act into a half-hour train wreck, Hey, Bitches!. It should be called, “Hey, GLAAD, can you do something about this?”

Production honcho Frances Berwick couldn’t contain Bravo’s collective excitement:

With over 80,000 subscribers and more than 3 million channel views to date, William’s sense of humor and style have clearly struck a chord with the American public. The response to William on has been overwhelming. His charm and sense of fun are infectious. People are asking to see more of him and his life.

We New Yorkers will be seeing a lot of Sledd: he’s reportedly packing it in and headed to the Big Apple. You’ve been warned.