William Sledd’s, Like, So Excited People, Like, Like Him

William Sledd’s “fame” keeps growing. ABC News recently dispatched its most valuable resources to get to the bottom of Ask A Gay Man‘s gay man.

Unfortunately Sledd proved far too deep for a mere two internet-pages, so we’ll never know exactly what makes Sledd so magical.

Fairy dust, perhaps?

We did learn, however, that Sledd’s got at least once famous fan: Broadway star Christine Ebersole. The Grey Gardens actress apparently suffered from virtual madness and came across Sledd’s YouTube page, donated 50-boners and became Sledd’s “Supporter of the Week”. The gay man – a self-professed style guru – didn’t know Ebersole’s Tony Award winning work, but kept his cool when he found out:

Once I found that out, I was like ‘Oh my God.’ It’s insane the people that actually watch my videos that are like, on television or on Broadway, or work for … a major fashion magazine … It’s crazy that … this caliber of people and this diverse group of people … watch my videos. It’s pretty outrageous.

You’re telling us?

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  • WWH

    Fairy dust – hahahahaha!

  • zeami99

    what do you think you gain by mocking William Sledd? he has been sincere in what he was doing from the get-go and had a stroke of good luck. Why not encourage him as he represents gay people to an increasing number of people.?
    It is petty and mean to ridicule him, and what? Are you setting yourself up as a style guru of style gurus? People don’t read Queerty for your style advice.
    Lighten up and give the kid a break already JQH

  • WWH

    Have you ever watched his stuff? I kinda hope that he doesn’t represent gay people to an increasing number of people.

  • hisurfer

    It’s not petty to mock him at all – his whole schtick is based on mocking people. Mocking easy targets at that: the fashion faux-pas of people who shop at the mall in Paducah.

    Ya live by the sword, ya die by the sword.

    The article itself is odd. I loved the image of his mom not knowing what he was doing in his locked bedroom all night until the day the Tonight Show called. And I’m kind of skeeved that ABC says that he is now “at the top of the fashion industry.”

  • Dawster

    I’ll stick with Tim Gunn, thank you. someone who actually went to school FOR style and art.

    in order to be a “guru” is someone who has learned, gained self realization… and can teach.

    “Ask a Gay Man” comes across like a bitchy pop-princess wannabe. i’m sorry, but THAT’S what i think every time he opens his mouth!

  • jeebus

    We shouldn’t encourage him to represent gay people because he does so in a way that enforces a lot of negative stereotypes and also in a way many gay people don’t want to be represented.

  • Leland Frances

    Just like photocopies of photocopies of photocopies, the “quality” of the original —particularly if there was little to start with — eventually turns to muck. Ecce homo William.

    Sleddnick is just a cheap ass chronologically young derivative of overgrown child Carson Kressley who himself was a Frankenqueen’s monster put together from the imagined body/personality parts of everyone from Ross the Intern to Bobby Trendy to Belle Barth. Kressley is the 21st century version of Franklin Pangborn on an acid bitch/Viagra rampage. They are all variations on lavender versions of “Amos & Andy.”

    And before anyone protests, “but they’re just being themselves and what’s wrong with that?” Well, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if it were true. They are taking a little of what is true about themselves and blowing it up to the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon float in order to get PAID for playing nonthreatening, easy-for-straights-to-feel-superior-to gay clowns and buffoons. That’s called being a whore, even if you’re only, at least initially in Sleddnick’s case, whoring for attention. It’s also called being a parasite, and it’s all our blood in terms of being taken seriously that he’s sucking.

    The fact that someone as one-dimensional as Sleddnick is allegedly a hit just shows how desperate many “liberal” straights are for the gay minstrel shows to continue while more gays, including nelly ones, are demanding to be taken seriously and be treated as FIRST-class citizens, the anatomically correct gay MAN next door. For insecure breeders, this castrato is not just “a” gay man but all gay men. Or so they want to think.

    One could criticize Liberace for many things, but he WAS just being himself, and sincerely thought because of his poor Polish trash background that the huge diamonds and man-mink and sequins and gilded everything was truly chic and glamorous and not just camp. It was the camp he whored for laughs and attention and money, not being gay, for that he denied being to his grave. He even sued a British writer for implying he was gay — AND WON.

  • Mr. B

    Sing it, Dawster, sing it.

  • Martini-boy

    He’s going to be the next Perez Hilton.
    Do we seriously need another one of THOSE?

  • applevince

    This magazine / website makes me sad about the gay community.

    What a bunch of hating jealous people.

    Yes im in the closet, but its the out and about / contoversial gays that have brought us to where we are… shame on you.

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