William Sledd’s, Like, So Excited People, Like, Like Him

William Sledd’s “fame” keeps growing. ABC News recently dispatched its most valuable resources to get to the bottom of Ask A Gay Man‘s gay man.

Unfortunately Sledd proved far too deep for a mere two internet-pages, so we’ll never know exactly what makes Sledd so magical.

Fairy dust, perhaps?

We did learn, however, that Sledd’s got at least once famous fan: Broadway star Christine Ebersole. The Grey Gardens actress apparently suffered from virtual madness and came across Sledd’s YouTube page, donated 50-boners and became Sledd’s “Supporter of the Week”. The gay man – a self-professed style guru – didn’t know Ebersole’s Tony Award winning work, but kept his cool when he found out:

Once I found that out, I was like ‘Oh my God.’ It’s insane the people that actually watch my videos that are like, on television or on Broadway, or work for … a major fashion magazine … It’s crazy that … this caliber of people and this diverse group of people … watch my videos. It’s pretty outrageous.

You’re telling us?