Planning To Pressure Clergy To Ditch Homo Friends?

Williams Planning Anti-Gay Rudeness?

Talk about timing! Just days after Anglican demi-god Desmond Tutu slammed Anglican leader Rowan Williams for his anti-gay ways, the Daily Telegraph hears murmurs that Williams plans to set pro-gay clergy straight:

The Archbishop of Canterbury is preparing to target individual bishops whose pro-gay policies threaten to derail his efforts to avert schism…

In a high-risk strategy, Dr Rowan Williams may even snub them by withdrawing their invitations to next year’s Lambeth Conference.

He has told friends he will challenge any bishop he believes is coming to the conference with an agenda “very much at odds” with his attempts to maintain unity in the worldwide Church.

[He] has now indicated that he is prepared to scrutinise controversial bishops he had already invited if there is evidence that they are unwilling to compromise their views.

We take it Tutu, gay Bishop Gene Robinson and Katharine Jefferts Schori, America’s homo-loving lady leader, will not be invited.