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  • Vagininalooz

    He is handsome – but needs a bit of teeth whitening. He needs that blue light light process to get the yellow to go away. We love Perez!

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    What a totally worthless creature – never worked a day in his life. Is Willis a fruit? So many of the Windsors are, you know. Especially Phillip is said to be ‘of the persuasia’ though carefully closeted. Source: Kitty Kelly’s book plus our own astute observatia

  • cjc

    I wonder if Britain will A) be a republic and/or B) be underwater by the time he is due to ascend to the throne.

  • Heather_L_James

    Hey Vag, cut the kid some slack on his chompers, he is a Brit after all. In his country chiclets like that are the culturally adjusted equivalent of George Hamilton’s.

  • paul

    What was the motivation behind this posting???

    You guys could do better than an unfortunate editorial choice like this.

  • ilnazhad

    Willie wobbled!! hahahah =)

  • oklahomo

    He used to be the cute son. Now Harry is ohhhh so much yummier!

  • blayne

    I agree. Harry is definately coming into his own, and he is going to be so much cuter than Will and for much longer.

  • Nick

    Wait…what? His teeth are yellow? Come on…his teeth are pretty nice. Natural, not the fake kind of white. Stop moaning…

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