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Wilson Cruz publicly slams Equinox

Actor Wilson Cruz, one of the first celebrities to call for a boycott of Equinox gyms, has taken to Twitter to share his fury. Following a request to cancel his membership, the gym has yet to respond.

The Star Trek: Discovery star became one of the first celebrities to call for an Equinox boycott over owner Stephen Ross’ decision to host an expensive fundraiser for Donald Trump. Ross and Trump have been friends for years.

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However, with concern over Trump’s policies continuing to mount–especially over those pertaining to Latino people–Cruz called for a mass cancellation of gym memberships as part of a boycott of Ross owned businesses. Previous reports characterize panic among gym employees as members began mass cancellation of their memberships.

Cruz, however, still refuses to let Equinox off the hook. “Your tone-deaf response to this matter to a clientele you have betrayed is beyond the pale,” he said via tweet. “Don’t make me come in to an actual gym because an in-person meeting won’t be pretty. I’ve had more than enough of the posturing and obfuscation.” He also added, “Stephen Ross’ fundraiser for Trump, your delayed and ridiculous response, the excuses you have made for Mr. Ross to the public and your employees and the audacity of Trump and Ross to LAUGH about this issue are disgusting.”

Cruz also threatened to come into the gym to meet with employees should he not receive a response to his cancellation. “Don’t make me have to send another email and don’t make me have to come into the gym because an in-person meeting won’t be pretty.”

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