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And we’ve got THREE COPIES to give away to lucky Queerty readers: To enter, just vote in the 2012 Queerties. Then come back here and tell us who your favorite person of the year is in the comments section. We’ll pick our favorite answers and notify the winners by email.

The Kathy Griffin Collection: Red, White and Raw is available October 30 from Shout Factory

Entrants must reside in the continental United States. Contest ends Friday, November 2 at 2pm.

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  • Ryan L Waterman

    My vote is definitely for Anderson Cooper. I think that Anderson Cooper is the ultimate role model for anyone struggling with their sexuality or even just struggling with who they are. I know that I wish I had a strong role model such as him when I was younger and I am constantly learning lessons from Anderson Cooper.

  • mattsy

    Im going to vote for Zachary Quinto-cool calm cute & OUT!!

  • RomanHans

    We’ve had great out gay role models for many years. What I think is new — and requires even more courage — is a straight man coming to our defense, and proving that (1) there’s nothing wrong with homosexuals, (2) speaking up for homosexuals doesn’t mean you’re homosexual, (3) real men don’t have to worry about appearing attractive to homosexuals, and (4) homosexuals do not have equal rights, which is ridiculous in a country that parrots “Liberty and justice for ALL.”

    To me, without a doubt, Ben Cohen is the man of the year.

  • blueshirt409

    All of the above are great choices, but I have to go with George Takei!

  • Eager Traveler

    Nothing the the President supporting your being on this earth.

  • SoloZach

    Nobody has been more important this year than the President. Mr. Obama has and will continue to have a huge positive influence on our community. We couldn’t ask for a more influential ally– especially given that he will most likely be picking a few Supreme Court justices.

  • Aidan8

    During a roast, Greg Giraldo, may he rest in peace, referred to Kathy Griffin as “Tranny Bonaduce” lol Ahh, I miss him.

  • Creamsicle

    I agree with many of the posters here. President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality is probably the most earth shattering development in gay politics for quite some time. While others may have inspired with the story of their personal lives, Obama’s official announcement of support is a real first in American politics. Millions of citizens will be affected by the attitude of this one man.
    That being said, I would personally credit Joe Biden for the endorsement. It is entirely likely that the Obama administration would still be dancing around the issue, while still courting influential and affluent gays across the country for campaign donations, had it not been for the Vice President’s candid remarks.

  • darkmoonearth

    The first POTUS to ever come out in favor of same-sex marriage President Barack Obama.

  • Dumdum

    My vote is for Chris Kluwe. We have plenty of role models out there. But for a popular heterosexual athlete to be so vocal and so public on our behalf is unprecedented.

  • AV227

    Obama, for being the first president to openly support marriage equality. His coming out on this topic sparked many others to also open up support such as Jay-Z and others in the hip hop community, which has had an anti-gay associations with it. And could’ve also been a reason to have helped Frank Ocean and others come out, and also have had a helping hand in the current influx of support from athletes.

  • flighty54

    My favorite person of this year is actually all the gay men and women who are living their lives openly. With so many critical issues in our country right now that have to deal with LGBTQ rights, our real heroes are the men and women who are brave enough to live their lives honestly and transparently. When more and more straight people (who vote on and create our legislature) continue to recognize gay people in their own communities and see them as their doctors, factory workers, waiters, dentists,teachers, and neighbors, they will continue to open their eyes to the absolute fact that gay people deserve equality under the law. While this year’s out celebrities like Anderson Cooper and Matt Bomer should be applauded for living their truth, I think the real change begins at home. And therefore, those nameless men and women, get my vote as person of the year.

  • Starry Eyed

    Everyone’s giving great answers so far! If I had to pick from the people on the Queerties 2012 list (which is hard considering I love a ton of people on the list) and going from my fantasies, I’ll say Joe Manganiello.

    This is primarily because I want to sit on his face, and because he was game enough to do a film like “Magic Mike,” which they made no secret of the fact that they wanted gay men to see it- it’s nice that they believed gay men wanted to see hot men objectified on screen just like straight women did.

  • Michael

    Since I was an intern on his show last year and he was such a wonderful guy, I have to give my vote to Sirius XM host Michelangelo Signorile. I really respect the work that he has done for our community over the years and he really gave me some amazing advice moving forward in my career. Wishing him the best as always. :)

  • Terra

    I vote for Bryan & David from NBC’s “The New Normal.” I can’t wait until their child is born! I hope the ups & downs of their relationship, and adventures in parenting, will usher in acceptance & celebration of non-traditional families.

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