Winger’s Grill Replaces Chipotle As Sponsor Of Utah Scout-O-Rama

wingersWhen word got out Chipotle was kicking in money to pay for the Utah Boy Scouts’ Scout-O-Rama despite the BSA’s ban on gay scouts, the Mexican-food chain dropped its funding like a hot burrito.

Now the Salt Lake Tribune reports that three restaurants—Winger’s Roadhouse Grill, Utah Sports Lodge and Madeline’s Steakhouse—have stepped in to sponsor the May 4 event.

But Winger’s—a Western chain affiliated with TGI Friday’s—is hedging its bet by donating an equal amount to the Utah Pride Center’s annual Queer Prom on April 20.

“We believe in the scouting program and believe it offers life skills to people,” said Winger’s President Curt Gray. “We believe most of all in non-prejudice and non-discrimination. We’re not trying to take a huge political stand here, but we tell this to our staff often and we thought we should put our money where our mouth is.”

Gray commented that both organizations help to support and build leaders. The Center helps young gays, he said, who are “bullied and too often rejected by family and peers.”
Rejected, like the way they are by the Boy Scouts?


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  • DarkZephyr

    While I appreciate that TGIF is donating money to an LGBT group as well, this still troubles me because what the lesson NEEDS to be for the BSA is that you CAN’T discriminate. TGIF claims that it believes most of all in non-prejudice and non-discrimination, but if they give BSA money, they are making it easy for them to continue to discriminate. BSA doesn’t give a shit if TGIF gives money to LGBT groups as long as they don’t have to accept them in their organization.

  • andy_d

    Just added TGI Friday’s to the list of restaurants at which I will no longer eat.

  • boring

    @andy_d: That would suggest you ate at TGI Friday’s to begin with, which, well, you know.

  • Billysees

    Winger’s President Curt Gray did the fairest thing, considering his explanation.

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