Winning Soccer Star Wins On Stage

Steven Gerrard

British soccer sensation Steven Gerrard (yes, he’s straight) can now add gay club crooner to his resume. He showed up on stage at homo disco Garlands singing “Just Can’t Get Enough” and in doing so, pocketed £5,000 (that’s almost $9,000 USD for all of you unskilled currency conversion folks) to win a bet with some of his fellow teammates.

Gerrard seems to have made out like a bandit. For that amount of cash, his performance sounds like it was just so very tame. How about belting Cher’s “If I could Turn Back Time” wearing nothing but a g-string all the while rubbing up against more than willing twinks and leather daddies? Now that would have been well worth the nine grand.

ON-SONG GERRARD WINS £5,000 [The Daily Mirror]