Winnipeg Man On Trial for Killing His HIV+ Boyfriend

A bloody crime which took place more than five years ago in Winnipeg, Canada, is finally going to trial this week: Stuart Mark, 36, was killed in January 2007 but for six months police were unable to turn up any substantial evidence pointing to a suspect.

Until Mark’s ex-boyfriend Michael Lynne Pearce confessed.

Pearce claimed he went into a rage—hitting Mark in the head with a golf club and stabbing him in the stomach—after Mark admitted he was HIV+. He had kept his status secret during their relationship.

Pearce is currently charged with manslaughter, his lawyers claiming the fatal altercation broke out as the result of Mark’s disclosure and was not premeditated.

While we understand Pearce’s shock at learning about Mark’s sero-status, we hope the defense doesn’t get away with some variation on the gay-panic defense.

Image via Winnipeg Sun