UPDATE: Wisconsin Courts Stop Governor From Banning Homo Hospital Visits

UPDATE (6/1/11 10:46 AM): Thanks to Queerty commenter JHW we learned that the court issued a ruling in this case just last week:

Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Daniel R. Moeser wrote, “Ultimately, it is clear that Chapter 770 does not violate the Marriage Amendment because it does not create a legal status for domestic partners that is identical or substantially similar to that of marriage. The state does not recognize domestic partnership in a way that even remotely resembles how the state recognizes marriage. Moreover, domestic partners’ have far fewer legal rights, duties, and liabilities in comparison to the legal rights, duties, and liabilities of spouses.”


In 2009, Wisconsin passed a domestic partnership registry law that provided the right to visit your partner in the hospital. In 2011 Governor Scott Walker wants to abandon that law. Why? Because he’s an asshole Walker says it violates the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

We’ve known about Walker’s plans to dismantle the 2009 law for a while now. You see, since Wisconsin has solved all of its other domestic issues, going after injured homos just makes sense. Luckily, the state’s gay rights group Fair Wisconsin will continue defending the 2009 law.

Via Pam’s House Blend

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  • dazzer

    @christopher di spirito: Sorry to contradict you – he’s what comes out of an asshole

  • gregger

    @JHW: Thanks for putting this info. I was about to do the same thing. It’s ridiculous that queerty posted this story at this date.

  • The crustybastard

    It violates the marriage ban HOW? Because not permitting hospital personnel the power to arbitrarily judge and punish gay couples is just like marriage?

    On the other hand, incidents like this are going to be used to make the point that gays, as a class, are politically powerless and subjected to invidious state discrimination, and thereby deserve suspect classification.

    Meaning eventually this shit is going to backfire on these assholes hard. We’ll all probably be dead by then, but eventually.

    Or the sun will burn out first and it’ll all be moot.

  • jason

    Scott Walker appears to be a piece of right-wing excrement with a face that only a shit-eating worm would love. Imagine waking up next to this turd in the morning. I wonder how his wife puts up with the smell.

  • Roman

    How is this not the definition of a bigot and a bully?

  • Cam

    This right here shows that this is all about hatred. There is no other defense or excuse. They hate and they want us hurt, dead, and out of the picture.

  • Mark

    @christopher di spirito: That’s being mean to assholes – isn’t there something else that’s worse? He is obviously worse than that.

  • gregger

    @Mark: An Anal Fistula. That is the best comparison to Scott Walker.

  • Scotty

    he needs someone to put a bullet between his eyes!

  • tjr101

    There needs to be an election year in which a huge wave knocks these extremists out of office.

  • robert in NYC

    And gay republicans keep on voting for the GOP when push comes to shove in a general election. Some will vote for Ron Paul who won’t ever receive the nomination, a wasted vote. They’ll vote for Bachmann if she ever gets the nomination, or Romney who opposes marriage equality and will NEVER evolve.

  • ewe

    Walker is in a leadership position to represent the people. He is doing the opposite. He is extremely dangerous.

  • ewe

    Frustration with the two party system is the reason this is happening.

  • robert in NYC

    He could be in deep trouble next year if those recalls in his state materialize and democrats replace them.

  • Jim Hlavac

    And if hospital visits equals acceptance of gay marriage — and thus violates the ban on gay marriage (hahaha, how can you ban what exists under commercial law, and the domestic registry law, but not family law as “marriage”?) and will that mean that gays living together also violates the “ban”? And will holding hands too? Or meeting for a romantic dinner, or driving with each other? What other gay-gay connection violates the “gay marriage ban” when there’s a gay domestic registry – and well, reality? The man is a loon when it comes to gays.

    @RobertinNYC — and gays keep voting Democrat despite the African-American’s 85% voting for gay hate, and Ruben Diaz, Democrat of NYC’s ‘gays are worthy of death march’ and the Catholic leaderships embrace of ObamaCare (except abortion of course) even though they are virulently anti-gay — and Obama’s wishywashy “separate but equal” stance — oh Robert, this is not a D & R issue – this is person by person issue. What is the “gay” position on too high taxes? Or on bombing the dickens out of Libya? Are there “gay” positions on any public policy issue under the sun other than rights for gays? No there are not — so you go argue within your party for rights which are still denied, and Republican gays shall argue within theirs, and I shall keep the flame under the Libertarian wing of the Tea Party — for we need to convince EVERY American we’re just fine folks – -not just one party or the other. Or otherwise whichever way the majority swings based on every other policy situation our rights will swing in and out of favor or legality.

  • robert in NYC

    Jim, Ron Paul is NEVER going to be president. He only has a 7% rating in the polls. He doesn’t campaign for marriage equality at the federal level. All that bullshit about getting government out of the business of marriage is just that, bullshit. It’s NEVER going to happen, not while federal and state benefits to married couples are available.

    Raising taxes isn’t just a democratic issue. Ronald Reagan raised it 11 times, yes 11 times! Without taxes, you have no police, no fire departments, no judiciary, homeland security, no education system, nothing. Its absurd to think that lowering taxes creates jobs. Where did they all go under Bush for 8 years when he gave some of the biggest tax cuts to corporations? where are those jobs? Why did he leave the country with the highest debt since the depression? Who brought about the economic meltdown? BUSH! Nobody in the GOP criticized him either. Civil libertarian is nothing more than moderate republican tea partyer. You’re still republicans no matter which label you use. DOn’t give me that nonsense about Libya. Who started the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars? It wasn’t the democrats either.

  • gregger

    @Jim Hlavac: “Too high taxes,” where? The current Federal taxes are the lowest since 1931 in most of the tax brackets including the top three brackets (top being earning $373, 651.00 single is 35% as compared to 1980 when that bracket was 70%). So I’m always amused when I hear people whine about too high taxes.

  • TMikel

    Walker is a dumb as a box of hammers. I dare say his days are numbered – and his little dog [Prosser] too!

  • GayGOP

    On about 90% of issues, I like, and agree with, Scott Walker’s position. I just wish he’d get the right attitude on the other 10% of the issues.

  • missanthrope

    Maybe the headline should be “Judge Stops Wisconsin Governor From Being a Sociopath”

  • tjr101

    @GayGOP: So in other words just the 10% when Walker is hating on you which you don’t like? Right! It’s sucks to be gay when you’re a white privileged male, so close to perfection in the eyes of the right-wingers, yet not quite there.

  • delurker

    @Jim Hlavac: dumb old shit. 29/30 ny sen dems voted for the gay marriage bill. only FOUR of the rethugs did. dumb shit.

  • delurker

    @tjr101: that describes white gay repukes to a tee. white, privileged, male, but alas, the gay thing fucks everything up for them. boo hoo.

  • Elias Meeks

    There is a fine line between where a politician has deeply held religious beliefs and is guided by them in his decisions and outright aggression, hatred and harassment of the LGBTQ community. Governor Walker has crossed that line and others like him (to wit, Michelle Bachmann) are just waiting in the wings for their chance to follow suit. Sad.

  • Brian

    @ Jim Hlavac

    “and gays keep voting Democrat despite the African-American’s 85% voting for gay hate”

    I know it doesn’t take very much for the the peruser’s of Queerty to show just how racist they really are while lamenting discrimination but you take willful ignorance to a whole new level. The Democratic Party does not push an anti-gay narrative nor does it fight for anti-gay policies. Of course there are some idiots in the party (typically from very conservative districts) but they do not speak for the party as a whole. But I digress. The point is, it’s white legislatures and voters who repeatedly vote for them that suppress gay rights not African-American voters.

    I find it interesting that so many of you try to have it both ways. You want to end the culture war against gays while inciting one against African-America’s.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Despite his position on gay issues, Scott Walker, much like Chris Christie, is a trailblazing hero who’s allowing the country to wake up and see how wasteful we’ve been, and how doomed we’ll be if things don’t change. Marriage schmarriage — if we fall into a depression, the right to get a ring on your finger from your boyfriend will seem inconsequential, to say the least.

  • Nathan

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Keep on licking those boots. Unions and Keynesian economics lead to a strong economy, as has been proven time and again.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Nathan: Yeah, those entitlements and bailouts keep making our economy stronger and stronger. With that logic, we’ll be downright Herculean by the end of Obama’s term.

  • Synn

    @robert in NYC:
    Er, Romney’s done a little TOO much evolving. He was against equal marriage, before he was for it, before it was against it again.

    Remember, the FIRST legalized gay marriages in the USA came under Romney. Too bad he’s too much of a shill to stand up for that.

  • Patsy Stoned

    So PIT, Christie is a trailblazing “hero” against waste? I suppose it is not a waste to use taxpayer money to drop in to a little league game in a fucking helicopter? Clearly he’s as gluttonous with taxpayer cash as he is with food.

    If you think Republicans are “small government” after seeing what Bush did, and how invasive they intend to be in all our social lives then you are just insane.

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