Wisconsin’s Teen Facebook Sicko Gets 15 Years For Blackmailing Male Classmates For Sexual Favors


In July of last year, we learned about Tony Stancl, a Wisconsin teen accused of luring male classmates into performing sexual favors for him by pretending to be a girl, messaging them on Facebook, getting them to expose themselves via text message pics, and then blackmailing them with the X-rated photos. Finally, his victims reported the prick. And there were at least 30 of them. And now, we learn Stancl’s fate:

Fifteen years in prison.

Stancl is now 19 and originally faced 30 years. During his sentencing he “showed no emotion.”

He’s clearly a troubled guy, who we’d almost feel bad for — if he didn’t leave a trail of dozens of victims forced to do things against their will.

(Thanks, Bill!)

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  • Josh

    I read about this in GQ and was so shocked that this actually happened. I felt so bad for the kids he’s probably messed up in one way or another. The worst thing, from what I remember is that the cops released the birthdates of the victims and students matced them with facebook profiles… so stupid. Either way glad he is getting put away… he is obviously sick.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Sexting should also be known as “The End of Your Career!”

  • delurker


  • Michael W.

    Now he’ll be the one getting black maled.

  • killerwhalesKILL!!!

    Whatever happened to boys will be boys? The kid needs help and 15 years in prison seems like the wrong thing.

  • m.safra

    boys will be boys? this kid is a sexual predator.

  • bobito

    @Michael W.: I really hate it when people crack jokes about gay men getting raped in prison. Yeah, what he did was seriously shitty, but he’s gonna have a fucking awful time in prison, don’t doubt it for a second. I do feel bad for his victims, but the fact is: ANY gay man who is sentenced to prison is actually being sentenced to rape, and everybody knows it but nothing is being done to address this problem, and that really isn’t funny.

  • Ogre Magi

    He was not bad looking, I don’t think he needed to use blackmail to get laid.

  • DR

    Wow, some of these comments are just plain embarrassing. Why do gay men always feel the need to comment on the appearance of someone. Fine, you think he’s goodlooking… The guy is a sexual predator who blackmailed a number of young men. This is not a guy you ought to be rating on a 1-10 scale.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Certainly this troubled kid brought on his own demise and the nature of his crimes require punishment.

    What is truly annoying is the double standard: gay kid tricks and then blackmails for sex and get 15 years; straight football/basketball/baseball student athletes molest and rape a girl during a party, the kids get reprimands.

    @No. 7 Bobito

    I completely agreed, with an additional caveat: EVERY man, gay AND straight, who is not Mike Tyson strong-and-psycho, is being sentenced to rape (or at the very least subject to attempted rape).

  • Joey

    Err…it’s not this kids fault his classmates were fools to expose themselves to anyone, regardless if they thought it was a girl.
    Blackmail should have been the only issue to sentence him with. Those boys voluntarily exposed themselves. Period.
    He’s not a sexual predator in my mind…tons of kids do this shit.
    Set up a camera by your own kids pc…I’m sure you’ll be shocked.

    Just saying, I think this is unusually harsh punishment. What did the blackmail involve?? Did he have them blow him in order to not release the pics?? Wheres the legitimate content to the story??

  • terrwill

    @Joey: I kinda sorta agree with you in that he didn’t rape any of these guys. I don’t really think it took too much persuading to get these “straight” guys to drop trou. What I think he is most guilty of is taking advantage of a whole lot of guys confused about their sexuality.
    And if this involve a Gay kid you can be damm sure he wouldn’t have been sentenced to 15 years………

    Like the old adage you can’t rape the willing…….

  • terrwill

    @terrwill:…if it didn’t involve a Gay kid…

  • Joey

    @terrwill: I just think it’s a bit over the top. He was probably prosecuted by some religious nut-sack zealot sitting on the bench… Just saying.

  • Fitz

    There is never a story involving prison where someone doesn’t make some joke about m/m rape. ha ha, that’s fucking hilarious. How original. Michael, you with your weight issues would be more of a victim in there than him, so show a little compassion. The truth, from someone who has worked in several state prisons and one federal prison, is that “Rape” as we think of it isn’t as common anymore, since most people are in prison gangs, which do not “allow” homosexuality, even rape. Many state prisons even have homosexual tanks or wards. What is really in store for this disturbed person is a HUGE beat down, maybe even to be killed. Someone (from the gang) will come by to do a “paperwork check” and see what he was convicted of, then a couple of the guys of his own race will beat him into near-or-total death, certainly disfigure him, to show that their race is pure of these kinds of perverts. If he lives, he will have his few personal items stolen, have much of his food stolen, not be allowed to use the phone or the day room and be periodically just beat the fuck out of. he will not survive unless he goes into solitary, where he will go further into mental illness. THAT is the mental health care being offered to the 19 year old. We won’t see him on the other end, I can almost promise it. So enough with the fucking rape jokes. If rape gets you off, then go rent a fucking porn and stop projecting your fantasies onto real victims.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Ogre Magi:

    He was not bad looking, I don’t think he needed to use blackmail to get laid.

    It wasn’t about his looks, it’s that he was not popular. Apparently most of the kids in his school–and some teachers–did not like him, and would ridicule him.

    All this started when an out gay student lured Stancl online, under the guise of having a crush on him, and then proceeded to ridicule him with some friends, and then again at school in front of others.

    Never underestimate the amount of psychological damage a mean, and nasty queer can do to a closet case, who isn’t that stable to begin with.


    He was probably prosecuted by some religious nut-sack zealot sitting on the bench

    Oh yes. This wasn’t about one teen taking advantage of other teens–it was about a MALE teen taking advantage of other MALE teens. Who, according to those involved, were poor, defenseless straight boys exploited by this nasty homosexual.

    In the GQ article, one court secretary says something to the effect of, “In my time, guys like him got beaten up.” Meaning gay bashed.

    If you can get the article, I think it’s online at gq.com, read it and see how far teenagers have come when it comes to sexuality, and how stuck in the past adults are.

  • DR

    And yet, if this were a male teen doing extorting female teens for sex, you’d all be asking for the same results which happened in this case.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’d say he needs six months or a year in a DECENT humane juvenile facility with lots of counseling. Agree with everyone else, if this was the captain of the football/baseball/basketball team “SCORING” with girl(s), it would be reprimands.

    15 years in prison is RIDICULOUS.

    LOL the “taken advantage of” probably didn’t need too much convincing. Well it’s not funny but you know what I mean.

  • Sam

    @Jaroslaw: Agreed. Article says he’s 19 now. How old was he when this happened? Obviously still in high school, possibly still a juvenile. Yet he gets 15 YEARS?

    If everyone got adult-sized sentences for mistakes they made in high school, the prisons would be overrun. I might advocate for a sentence more in the 3 year range, but yeah, 15 years for a 19 year old who didn’t kill anyone is too much.

  • Tallskin

    From a decadent and socialist, welfare state liddel old Europe point of view the sentence for this pretty minor crime seems utterly savage.

    Plus what horrifies me is that all you yanks accept rape in prison as if it’s like fucking bad weather and inevitable.

    Sick fucking country you are in.

    Start complaining about rape in your savage prisons!!

    Or is it that we decadent europeans with out welfare states are largely atheists and reject religion thus are more moral than you religious nuts?

    The more religious a country the less civilised it seems to be. Witness the islamic world and the USA

  • hardmannyc

    Anyone who feels sorry for this sick fuck needs to read the GQ article. He was as methodical as a computer programmer.

  • Fitz

    @hardmannyc: I’m able to hold both feelings of being repulsed by him, and yet sorry for the ugly violent way that his short life will end.

  • Meowzer

    Is it just me, or are the kids he tricked the real idiots?
    Who forced them to “perform” for this girl. Who they never met. Who they didn’t know could be some kind of perv.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, what he did was stupid. But, this time stupid was on both ends of the camera. I think it’s such a big deal because now these “victims” look like they could be gay. Oh, so and so is such a fag because he let Tony see his goods and talked him into…. whatever. And for that he gets 15 years???
    Now, if a straight kid tricked a gay kid into a precarious position, he’d get a slap on the wrist and probably the community’s support for weeding out the queer.
    Sorry. But these “kids” aren’t victims. He didn’t force them to anything they weren’t already willing to do.

  • DR

    Blackmail is blackmail. Some of you are awful quick to forgive a young man who decided to trick a bunch of boys into sending him what is the equivalent of child porn (some of the stuff he collected included masturbation videos) and then told the boys that they could either have sex with him or have the photos/videos published.

    On what planet is this even remotely acceptable? I say again, if this was a boy doing this to 31 girls, you’d all be outraged, but because it’s a little gay boy trying to get his jollies, it’s ok?!?!

    Are you people serious?

  • Mike

    This blog is so pathetic. The author obviously didn’t even read the story that this post is based on. The blackmail scheme did NOT stop b/c his victims came forward. It was exposed when the police were investigating a bomb threat, which lead them to Stancl’s computer.

    I agree with the posters above that this punishment is disproportionate and almost certainly reflects some heightened disgust b/c the blackmail was male/male.

    Fitz: Not to get OT, but with the exception of the Muslim gangs, prison gangs do not prohibit sex w/punks. Haven’t you heard the term “tip bitch”?

  • Jaroslaw

    DR – no one said blackmail is okay! But he is a KID. And he was made twisted by someone who stomped on his feelings. He was getting even. There is more than enough blame to go around. The punishment seems too severe.

    Tall- I often disagree with you about religion but I can’t disagree with a single word on #20.

    Hardman- Won’t say anymore until I read the article.

  • Jaroslaw

    Oh & DR – boys threaten and cajole and get girls drunk all the time. Ever heard of date rape?

  • DR

    “Getting even” doesn’t mean that you get to extort 31 straight individuals not involved in the original gay-baiting, done by a gay boy and his girlfriends, as a means of redress. That’s complete and utter crap.

  • *J_C*

    not to give anybody an idea for a porn or anything but when i was in middle school i remember this guy who use to run the school like run it everything went through him in some way or another and his “click” for a lack of a better word had this thing where if you wanted to be his friend you had to either suck him or let him stick it in you the way he called it… and for the most part people let him well people!,,,, kids and this was girls and boys latter on in life like six to 7 years latter he has like 4 kids with 4 different girls in school so yeah shit happens and sometimes its closer then you think, plus i know for a fact that most first sexual experiences for men are same sex experiences but hay

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