Wisconsin’s Teen Facebook Sicko Gets 15 Years For Blackmailing Male Classmates For Sexual Favors


In July of last year, we learned about Tony Stancl, a Wisconsin teen accused of luring male classmates into performing sexual favors for him by pretending to be a girl, messaging them on Facebook, getting them to expose themselves via text message pics, and then blackmailing them with the X-rated photos. Finally, his victims reported the prick. And there were at least 30 of them. And now, we learn Stancl’s fate:

Fifteen years in prison.

Stancl is now 19 and originally faced 30 years. During his sentencing he “showed no emotion.”

He’s clearly a troubled guy, who we’d almost feel bad for — if he didn’t leave a trail of dozens of victims forced to do things against their will.

(Thanks, Bill!)