With 11th Hour Emmy Nomination, Neil Patrick Harris Takes Home 2

It’s twin babies and twin Emmys for Neil Patrick Harris, who like Betty White picked up the trophies at the Creative Arts Emmys. NPH won for best guest star in a comedy series (Glee) and for hosting the Tonys, which he almost wasn’t even nominated for.

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  • Black Pegasus

    UGH! This guy again?

    Come on Queerty, this NPH thing is getting as annoying as Davey Wavey. No one GAY cared about him before his Love of The Cock was announced, and I suspect no one cares now..

    **rolls eyes and leaves the stage**

  • Ryan

    actually I loved NPH before he came out, and I love him still now.

  • James Davis

    The best female guest star win for Betty White was well deserved, but a part of me still wanted Kristin Chenoweth to win for her amazing April Rhodes on Glee.


    @Black Pegasus: In case ya hadn’t noticed this place is called “QUEERty”. NPH has shown that a Gay man can play a hypermasculine straight horndog and be totally accepted by the rest of America. He is in a commited relationship, is getting ready to start a family and has certainly quashed the notion that comming out is “career suicide”, his career since commin out has been more successful

    You have every right to not like an actor. But ya gotta give respect to someone who is our and proud and actually has become a role model. If the rest of the celebs and public figures who are ascared to even touch the knob on the closet door followed NPH’s lead things would be a whole lot better for the Gays………

  • Jay

    @Black Pegasus: I think NPH is amazing and thought so before he came out. I know this may sound crazy but if you don’t care about something, don’t click on the article. It really is that simple.

  • derek

    @James Davis:

    I totally agree!
    Cheno was genius, I still get goosebumps when I listen to all of the songs she recorded during those 2 eps

  • Jess

    NPH – hypermasculine – hahahahaha.Nice guy but only really excels in Glee/hosting type roles and agree getting a little over-exposed.

  • Free

    His current role will be his last ‘stright’ lead horndog role – sorry but those are the hollywood facts.But he will do better than most child stars over time as we have seen – ensemble type shows,etc.

  • Joe

    Who is he??

  • Jeb

    jesus queerty,I know he’s the patron saint for a lot of show tune gays and produces web hits but how many posts can you possibly think up?

  • Caleb

    Jess, Joe & Jeb = Black Pegasus.

    No one cares what you think. NPH is awesome. Stop being such coozes just because he’s cute, happy and rich and you’re likely none of those things.

  • Jeffree

    @Caleb: I’d also put my money –better than 60% odds — on Black Pegasus, Jess, Joe & Jeb being sockpuppets for Jason!

  • Caleb J

    Interesting all this energy spent on a C list grown up former child star.Bigger things to think about people!

  • Black Pegasus

    WoW The NPH Pink Mob is out patrolling tonight eh? LMAO

    Well fine! you sallys can have him. I don’t have anything against the guy, and I wish him well, but don’t try to make him a A-List Celeb just because he loves Cock and have designer babies with his husband. When he hits the GYM and makes the cover of Men’s Health Bare Chested, I may give a damn.

    Til then, he’s just Meh!

    **now feel free to down rate me and kick rocks**

  • Peter P

    NPH seems like a nice guy and is a semi-decent actor, however far from A-list.He should stick to hosting award shows, Glee type gigs and theater, he’ll have longer career that way.



    Seems pretty Men’s Health Bare Chested worthy to me…… :p

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Peter P: If he’s not A-List who in Hell IS?

    Jeez you people love to bask in your internalized self-loathing misery! NPH is out, proud, happy and successful. He has “branded” himself in the public mind as Mr. Entertainer — a figure who wherever he goes provides an occasion for goodwill and great fun. So sorry this depresses you people so much.

    FAR better than starring in a “Number One Box Office Blockbuster” he’s a character player who will have a very long, multi-faceted and deeply satisfying career — with a fabulous boyfriend to boot. He has proven that “conventional wisdom” about staying in the closet lest you lose your career by coming out IS A GIANT STEAMING PILE OF DOG TURDS!

  • Stephen

    @17 – I think when people think of A-List we are talking Clooney, Pitt, etc. NPH is good guy but obviously not at that level, neither box office nor popularity/icon.Sadly, due to hollywood double standards,no gay A-list actor exists.BTW – you sound like a fan girl, albeit a very old crotchety fan girl.

  • axos

    Will be interesting to see if he’ll get more straight roles. I hope he gets all kinds. Someone said he’s the type of guy straight men can identify with – and straight women like, I might add. As long as he’s convincing in the part, he may well still get straight roles. Will it be a first?

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Stephen: And you sound like a troll workign for the American Family Association.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @axos: Why is getting straight roles so important for gay actors. He should get gay roles too.

  • Stephen

    hahahahahahahahah – you just got older sounding!

  • Hannah

    @Stephen: I think there needs to be a distinction between A-listers in movies and A-listers on television. Heck, there are even “A-listers” on Youtube. NPH is not at the top of the Academy Award list of actors, but that doesn’t stop the buzz from the television media journalists. Plus, people have their own idea on who is A-list. I personally think NPH is A-list for television. It doesn’t matter if he is bringing in the box office numbers when that is not his primary focus.

    And yes, I will agree with you that there are no out A-list celebrities in the movie forum. Maybe one day soon.

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