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With 2 Weeks Until the Election, NOM Chooses Its Iowa Candidate Hopeful

The National Organization for Marriage would really appreciate it if you would stop calling it a front group for the Mormon Church, because otherwise the group’s advocacy for certain political candidates would violate the church’s tax exempt status. Like what NOM is doing in Iowa, as it launches a campaign to take on the State Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

NOM is taking its Prop 8 lessons in California and bringing them to Iowa, where it’s backing Republican and hog and grain farmer Stephen Burgmeier for the State House.

Burgmeier doesn’t say it on his campaign page, but undoubtedly his “views” include limiting marriage to one man and one woman — and giving voters the opportunity to make the call. And yet, this is all he has to say about Iowa’s families: “Stephen Burgmeier knows the foundation of Iowa lies in its strong families. Stephen believes your paycheck is best spent, saved, and invested by you, not government.”

Thankfully NOM is here with, with something called the Reclaim Iowa Project, and a bankroll for Burgmeier’s media campaign — which began yesterday — to the tune of $86,000 so far so voters can get to know him better. Two weeks before the election.

But don’t think the alternative is any better. Burgmeier opponent, Democrat Curt Hanson, also believes Iowans should be able to vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

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