With Cronkite Dead, Is This the Face of America’s Most Trusted Newsman?


SOUNDBITES — “I guess Anderson Cooper would be my answer, because he always has that slight bit of cynicism when it’s deserved. . . . I always said there are only two reasons to have television: war and pornography. So I guess if it’s war, I’d look at him. And I guess if I had to look at any newscaster in a porno film, I’d pick him.” —Director John Waters, on which newsman he trusts post-Cronkite

PR guru and passed-over GLAAD chief hopeful Cathy Renna’s take: “I would say bishop Gene Robinson. . . . I just feel like he has done what he’s done with such a tremendous amount of integrity, not just the process obviously for himself of becoming the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. . . . I mean, he campaigned for Obama, but he’s not afraid to disagree with Obama.”