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With Ex-Gay Friends Like Janet Boynes, Who Needs Enemies?


Though she just signed The Family Leader’s odious traditional-values pledge, lately Michele Bachman has been too busy ramping up her campaign and readying for the August 11 Republican presidential debate to lash out at those terrible homos. Fortunately her good friend Janet Boynes is right there to pick up the crazy stick.

Boynes, who says she was “trapped” in the lesbian lifestyle for 14 years before finding Christ and returning to her natural hetero ways, has close ties to the Bachmanns and is used as an example by the power couple of how you can “pray the gay away.” Like Marcus Bachmann, she’s turned denying homosexuality into a money-making proposition, with the release of her book, Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom (available at Bachmann’s clinic, natch!).

On Wednesday,  Boynes joined what appears to be a  premeditated letter-writing campaign, getting letters to the editor attacking the LGBT community printed in local Minnesota newspapers. (Minnesotans will be voting on a gay-marriage ban in 2012.) 

Here’s the text of Boynes’ miserable missive:

To the Editor:

I get so tired of the worn-out phrase that homosexual advocates like Melissa Thompson and the Gay Equity Team continually repeat — “Homosexuality is who they are.”

Let’s set the record straight. It is not who they are. It is what they do. No one is born homosexual. We are all born heterosexual. That is how our bodies were designed. It only takes two eyeballs to see what goes where.

Since “normal” is “that which functions according to its design,” homosexual acts — oral and anal sodomy — are not normal. And the misuse of our bodies is leading to oral and anal cancer, and AIDS (especially among homosexual young men).

Here in the United States, gay and bisexual men account for more than half of all new HIV infections.

According to the CDC, one in five men who have sex with men (MSM) has HIV. Think about this. If you knew that one in five people going off in a car would not come back alive, would you ride in that car?  I don’t think so.

No one is forcing anyone to commit homosexual acts, yet this is the risk that “gay” men are willingly taking. And then they proudly lure others into the lifestyle as well — especially young boys.

For some of us, things happen early on in life that cause our feelings and desires to get off track.

For me it was sexual abuse. As a result, I rejected men and for 14 years lived in lesbian relationships. It was a counterfeit to God’s plan for my life.

Oh yes, I believed the deception that I was “born that way.” No longer. It is a lie. I have now been out of the “gay” lifestyle for 12 years and have no desire to return.

My brother bought the lie as well—resulting in sexual confusion. He started stealing my clothes. During the day he was Robert, but at night he was Barbara. The world of transgenderism and cross-dressing soon led him to commit acts of homosexual sodomy. As a result, he paid the ultimate price for believing the lie—he died of AIDS.

No one should be promoting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) behaviors. They are not born that way. There is no scientific evidence that proves they are. None.

If we really care about our young people, we will do everything to steer them away from homosexuality and transgenderism, and the unhealthy sexual acts that are a part of these lifestyles.

Parents, start telling your kids that homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, and changeable. As an ex-gay I am living proof that you are not born gay.

Janet Boynes
Para in District 11

Though filled with the typical circular logic—and the blending of statistics and talk of “God’s plan”—these hatemongers employ, Boynes’ screed is notable for saying “No one is forcing anyone to commit homosexual acts,” and then accusing gay men of  “proudly lur[ing] others into the lifestyle as well—especially young boys,” in the same sentence. Which is it Janet? Are we forced into it by older pedophiles or do we brazenly choose this horrid lifestyle ourselves?

For more well-reasoned information from Boynes, check out the video below, where she testifies at length about the dreaded “gay bowel syndrome.” It’s a thing—really!


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  • Alex

    It’s sad that she’s in denial and doesn’t respect herself.

  • Ugh!

    If she’s happy stuffing cocks into her god-approved orifices, I say more power to her. But the problem with these tea baggers and right wing pseudo religious nazis is that they want to impose their beliefs on everyone else. Whether you can pray away the gay or not doesn’t matter, you rancid fascist cunts; people should be able to live their lives as they see fit. In no way are any of our homo ways hurting you (aside from the harsh criticisms on your personal choice of style). So, to the Michelle Bachmann’s and Janet “Likes Boysnow”, I say fuck off.

  • Rachel

    The absolute best part about all of this is her certainty that one trauma — childhood sexual abuse — “made” her gay, but her total lack of self-awareness about another trauma — her brother’s death — shaping her rejection of homosexuality.

    I feel really sorry for her, honestly. Or I’d feel sorry for her if she kept her mouth shut.

  • iDavid

    She is a born bisexual, always will be, end of story.

  • Jimmy100

    As much as I don’t like this woman I think she has a right to change her live as she sees fit.I think all the ex gays are said people but respect their right to do with their lives what they want.

  • Bianca

    What a dangerous bitch.

  • tomtom

    Sounds to me like she’s trying to promote some safe lesbian sex….secretly she is still a Lesbian and just wants to get more woman to sign up for the lady loving cause.

  • Bianca

    @Jimmy100: Nobody’s denying her or any other gay the right to do as they please. It’s when they turn around and trash the rest of the gays, trying to force their new way of life and basically inciting against an already persecuted community, that people resent.

  • Luke

    Gross. Did the paper print her letter? We should start a campaign against any paper that actually prints this crap.

  • Jonathonz

    Exactly what studies is she talking about when she mentions the “mountain of scientific and psychological data saying that homosexuality is unhealthy”? How about citing a few of those studies Ms. Boynes?
    The American Psychological Association just came out this week supporting same-sex marriage with a unanimous vote. I think if there was a “mountain of data” that the highly educated members of the APA would have a lot more difficulty supporting gays.

  • prohomo

    She’s full of shit. Period.

  • iDavid

    Her most obvious trait; she actually looks demonic.

  • drewa24

    Someone done crashed their computer after photo shopping that skanks picture for her book. Marcus Bachman has a fag hag tag!

  • Adam

    In response to it taking “two eyeballs to see what goes where,” a) you could probably tell with just one, and b) any two eyeballs would show that the penis fits just fine in the mouth and the anus, thank you very much. Perhaps this logic would stick if 1 in 10 of us were having nasal sex.

    And am I write in reading this as she is suggesting that AIDS is the “cost” of being gay? How hateful.

    To her point that homosexuals willingly take the risk, well yes, we do. I know that statistically speaking, I would be less likely to contract HIV from doing it missionary style with a woman than from riding my boyfriend. But since I am romantically and physically attracted to men, I believe it is fitting and delicious to do what makes me happy and more myself. So, perhaps you’ll change your tune and help me craft a world where the risk for having sex with someone you love isn’t so high.

    And parents, do not tell your children that homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, and changeable, unless you want to risk alienating them and ensuring they live in depression, fear, and insecurity.

  • Niki

    No wonder she was confused, she was sexually abused! And her brother’s AIDs related death made her reject the “gay lifestyle” even more. I feel sorry for her, she’s surely had a rough life. She should seek REAL counseling. She should also recognize that her experience is different from most gays and she should not be comparing her sexual confusion to the feelings of others.

  • Shannon1981

    As a survivor of this ex- gay/conversion shit, I find people like this not only disgusting, but downright dangerous. Why are they being allowed to spread this BS, when the American Psychiatric Association has denounced it? Aren’t the words and studies of medical professional more important than the likes of Janet Boynes?

  • Henry

    @Bianca: She’s not dangerous, she was just pushed into the closet.

  • Danielle

    @Henry: That’s a really big push.

    My theory: She’s bisexual, but won’t admit it. Perhaps, there was something in her past that made her fearful of men (1 out of 4 women are physically/sexually assaulted before age 30). Hey, nobody’s victim-bashing her for that. Now, did she, perhaps, get some actual therapy in that “ex-gay” program? I dunno. Maybe it worked? We can’t really tell. Either she’s full lesbian and has been stuffed back into the closet or she’s bisexual and can “hide” her same-sex love side, even in a marriage (which, when you think about it, is just another closet).

  • Henry

    @Danielle: Indeed… it takes a big push to get someone who was a lesbian for 14 years back in the closet.

  • Nikita Blue

    @Danielle: I agree with the probable theory that she (in fact, most people who are actually “cured”) is/are merely bisexual and have the option of storing that half of themselves in the closet for another time (or for, like, never.)

    On another note… goddammit you suck, Janet. You really fucking suck.

  • MrsGMitchell

    Are we sure she doesn’t have a dick? She looks a lil manly to me…

  • Melissa Thompson

    Well I’m the Melissa Thompson that ruffled her feathers in the letter to the editor, although she seems to be confused with who I am. I am simply a parent in the district who own kids (currently) in the district happen to straight, as are my husband and I. I began speaking out against the anti-gay bigotry in our school district soon after learning about the death of Justin Aaberg due to “bullycide”. After digging around and finding some pretty disturbing things I realized many like myself are unaware of the magnitude of the problem. Sadly I thought once I started sharing what I’d found out that others in my community would join in our outrage and demand the school board do right by these kids, little did we know the power of the Minnesota Family Council and their corporate christian cronies like Miss Janet would hold over this school board. What’s happening in our district is criminal, and despite having a DOJ investigation and two federal lawsuits pending this school board has not intention of rescinding the policy at the crux of the case because MFC wants it there, what I don’t understand is how a radical, religious, political organization get to dictate policy in a public school district without it being considered a constitutional violation? If there is anyone out there who can explain this me I would love to hear it, until then we all just do what we can to make sure the LGBTQ kids know there are lot’s of us out in the community who care about them and will support and protect them even if their schools or own families can’t or won’t. What’s happening in Anoka Hennepin is unbelievable, kids have died and parents are told “not our fault”. Recently a coach and a principal were both implicated in inapprpriate behavior against students and yet both are still employed, the two teachers that were found to have a harassed a student (they believed to be gay) back in 2007 and that the district settled with for $25,000 are both currently reemployed with the district. The priorties are messed up here. Thanks for shining a light on the subject

  • xander

    @Melissa Thompson : Thank you for the update. I hope that you know how much your efforts in grappling with the school district DO matter, and that your hard will help change the status quo in your area.

    Parents such as yourself who help fight against bullying and also discirimination are an inspiration.

    Please do keep us informed. My best to you and your family.

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