With Nobody Else to Look Up To, Maybe Bruno Is Our Leader?

Remember that disappointing take on Bruno from that gay magazine? Well here’s a much more entertaining, nuanced, and informative approach to the Bruno debate from Current TV’s Bryan Safi (who, when not hosting That’s Gay segments, occupies a disproportionate segment of our fantasies). Also, Safi’s take is funny, while the “Q&A with Cohen in character” approach is, uh, exhausted.

One more for the cheap seats in the back: Hank Stuever’s reasoned review of the film, which he declares we’re uncomfortable with not because of homophobia, but “sex phobia.”

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  • OMG

    I wonder what this movie will do in my country, the so-called “gay-friendly” Netherlands… I bet it’ll be a total dud. I don’t think the character he’s displaying is shocking or funny at all. Would’ve been in the early nineties, but now, in the 21st century? Meh… boring…

  • galefan2004

    I just have no interest in seeing this movie. It is just not my kind of humor. I can’t stand seeing real life gay queens. I don’t want to see an overly exaggerated ideal of a gay queen. I almost worry that this “example” of it being “ok” to be gay is going to make kids in small towns even more afraid to actually be gay. The media should pay more attention to the positive images that are put out there. Not blaming Bruno. The fact that it exists isn’t the problem. The fact that there is a lack of normal shown in other outlets is.

  • me

    that’s right! fuck africa! i’m staying put. i might go back to france though. never been.

  • ajax

    @galefan2004: Perhaps real life gay queens can’t stand seeing you eitner. It’s certainly hard for me to stand some of the comments you make.

    God save the nelly queens.

  • Drake

    A stupid review by a Sacha B. Cohen defender, ignoring the impact Bruno will have on gay-basher types and homophobes in general.

  • j

    @galefan2004: Galefan, I know previously you said that you were closeted, but I could tell that solely on this comment. Why is it that closeted fags have such a misplaced hatred towards “queens”? I for one think that it’s because you’re jealous that they got to reap the benefits of being out and proud. I applaud their courage. Grow up.

  • AlwaysGay

    For those that don’t believe Bruno will perpetuate anti-gay bigotry read this comment about the movie.

    “No, we just complimented the makers of BRÜNO as they show exactly how disgusting the gay community is. This small random group of gays and lesbians just want to deceive the masses and seduce our teenage boys and girls so that they can live out their weird evil sexual perversion. And Cohen just shows the typical gay maie just as gays have portrayed themselves in the gay pride parades for decades. Brüno is just a mirror image of what a gay male does and/or want to do. And this film also shows that the majority of people all around the world don’t want to be around gay folk and most people are disgusted by this vicious perverted lifestyle. Gays are still a very small minority in the world, because their habits and sexual behavior is unnatural, … not even animals behave like that. Watch BRÜNO and you realize that homophobia is a very good thing, because homosexuals are just disgusting.”

  • The Don SF

    Bryan Safi… oh man I’m crushing on you

  • Jay Pat

    hahah… i love it.

    mother africa….for the gays.

  • Charlos

    I don’t feel either “review” gave any real insight into the effect the film may have on non-gay viewers, both focused more on whether gays can take a joke [or if we will find the joke funny]

    What exactly does “polite” mean in this equation? And in reference to Hank Stuever’s review, where does the line cross between healthy sexuality, and exhibition.

    Yeah sex isn’t any hotter because Gay Sex has been commercialized and bastardized like a plague, and it is seemingly the only truly unanimous characteristic of the gay community.

    And no Bruno isn’t MY FUCKING LEADER.

    There needs be no LEADER and being GAY does not mean your Apart of ALL CONSUMING GAY Community, I’m tired of being a GAY, I’m myself and the GAYS need to stop marginalizing themselves, we are not ALL ONE, we are a heterogeneous conglomerate with a big fat STEREOTYPE stamped over our faces.

  • ajax

    @galefan2004: Galefan, I apologize. I didn’t realize you’re closeted. That’s a very hard and stressful life choice. I hope you find peace with the path you choose.

    However, I also hope you recognize that some of the comments you make are hateful.

  • alan brickman


  • Rudy

    @Charlos: Bruno will never be our leader.
    Everybody knows our leaders are Michael Lucas and Perez Hilton.

  • craig

    Sasha Baron Cohen as a gay leader? I think not! If we are going to adopt a straight performer as our leader, I vote for Lily Allen.

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