Woman who had baby with gay best friend using $3 syringe purchased online tells her story

All Kerry Allen wanted was a baby. But she didn’t have a boyfriend. Or any money. So what was a girl to do?

In a new interview with Xposé, 29-year-old Kerry explains how she hatched a plan with her GBF, Ali Thomson, to make a baby using a plastic syringe and a tupperware container.

The friends met six years ago while working together at Burger King. They immediately “just clicked” and have been best friends ever since, though their relationship has always been strictly platonic.

“Ali is a good-looking guy, but I never fancied him,” Kerry tells Xposé. “That wasn’t what it was about.”

Until one night when they were out partying together. Kerry looked over at Ali and drunkenly decided she wanted to have his baby.

“I’d always wanted to be a mum and felt the time was right,” she recalls. “Feeling broody, when I looked at Ali, I knew he would make a perfect dad. He was kind, funny, and had said he would love to be a father one day too, so why not do it together?”

She continues, “I said, ‘Shall we have a baby together?’ I think he was a bit shocked at first. He probably wondered what I was propositioning him for, but then, after thinking about it, he agreed.”

The two friends didn’t actually want to have sex because they would be icky. So they decided to research ways of getting pregnant that didn’t require any actual physical contact and wasn’t too expensive.

“I did research on IVF but the process was shockingly expensive,” Kerry says.

Then she read about the “turkey baster method.” It seemed both easy and affordable, so she ordered a £3 syringe from Amazon and a £5 Tupperware box to put it in.

Then they got busy!

“Ali did his thing, he left the syringe in my bedroom for me to collect before I did my ‘thing’,” Allen says.

“We did it all very separately and privately, and afterwards I laid on my bed with my legs propped up against the headboard for an hour and a half, as that can help with conception.”

After a few failed attempts, Kerry finally got pregnant and the BFFs welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lanah, last May.

“He was the perfect partner to go through it all with,” Kerry says, adding that she knows one day Ali will find a man to partner off with and that’s just fine with her.

“I know Ali will find someone, and I hope he does. But they will have to accept that Lanah and I will always come first.”

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