This woman has become completely dependent on gay erotica and needs your help

Pizza boys willing to to exchange sexual favors in lieu of tips. Pool tournaments with increasingly high stakes. Men getting to know their sister’s fiancé; intimately, Biblically. Yes, the pleasures of gay porn are myriad and many — a fact discovered by plenty of women, too.

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Well, one such woman has developed a rather co-dependent relationship with gay porn. To hear her say it, she can’t get turned on when having sex unless she’s thinking about gay porn and the various tableaux it presents.

As she tells Reddit under the alias TheMacabreZone, the problem has become debilitating:

“I’m a ‘straight’ graysexual female and the only thing that turns me on is gay smut. as in man and man. man and woman does nothing for me and I can’t get aroused, even with a partner, without thinking about gay smut. nothing else has ever done it. that is the only way I can get aroused at all.”

Now, she’s asking the Reddit community for advice, and her reaction to some of their suggestions suggests TheMacabreZone may be a touch naive:

In fact, community members sound like they might be a touch naive, too: 

Any advice you’d like to give her? Have you ever felt you were totally dependent on gay porn? Sound off in the comments below.